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Forget Feature Wall – Choose a Feature Floor!

hardwood flooring newcastle Forget Feature Wall – Choose a Feature Floor blog thumbnail

The feature wall is a concept lots of us will recognise – one wall in the room that looks different to the others. It might have a bolder colour, a patterned wallpaper or have a special feature such as the fireplace on it.

But the wall isn’t the only thing that can be the main feature – the flooring can be as well.

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Ten of the Best Romantic Flooring Ideas

Flooring Newcastle Romantic flooring ideas blog thumbnail

Everyone’s idea of what is romantic can be a little different. For some its roses and chocolates, for others, it is a night together watching a favourite new film or a meal at a fancy restaurant.

Romantic flooring is the same – it is all about what you like. So here are ten different ideas to inspire your choices.

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The Best Carpets are Wool Carpets

carpets north shields wool carpets blog thumbnail

Man made fibres have come a long way in manufacturing processes and as floor coverings go they can make adequate carpets in certain situations but there is still no carpet better than a wool carpet!

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New Baby in the House? Here are Some Flooring Tips

Carpets Newcastle New Babay Room Flooring Blog Thumbnail

There’s a lot to do when you are preparing for a new arrival in the family. Whether it your first baby or any number after that, there are things you will do to the home to make it perfect for the new family member. 

New baby – new carpets!!

One area to consider is the flooring in your home. At first, it might not seem an issue but as baby starts to get around, it is then something to think about. So here are some suggestions for flooring for a new baby.

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Spring Flooring Trends – What’s Hot?

flooring newcastle Spring Flooring Trends 2018 blog thumbnail

As spring comes around, we all get the itch to tidy up, clean up and make a few key changes to our homes. Flooring is something that can have a big effect on any room and isn’t always the most difficult renovation project to undertake.

So what are the hot trends for spring to get some inspiration?

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How to Make the Best TV or Movie Room Ever!

Carpets North Shields TV Room Flooring Blog Thumbnail

We have all seen pictures of homes of the rich and famous that have these huge, amazing movie or TV rooms in them. You know the ones – mood lighting, massive screen, plush sofas. Most of them are bigger than our homes!

But size doesn’t really matter with a movie room and with some clever use of space, there’s no reason an ordinary room can’t be transformed into a TV haven.

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How to Choose Flooring for a Nursery

flooring newcastle How to Choose Flooring for a Nursery blog thumbnail

The nursery is the hub of activity for your new baby – where they sleep, often where many changes take place and where they start to explore their surroundings. That makes the flooring for a nursery very important – but what are the top options to consider?

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Why We Love the Alternative Flooring Brand

Carpets North East Alternative Flooring Blog thumbnail

There are many great flooring brands out there producing high-quality products. But if you are looking for something a little different, a little ‘alternative’ then one company stands out – Alternative Flooring. But who are they and what makes them different?

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New Year, New Décor – New Flooring for 2018!

2018 flooring trends blog thumbnail

When Christmas is finally finished, many of us turn our minds to what we want to do in the New Year. And New Year can be a great time to do a makeover in parts of your home. One of the best ways to spruce up your home is with some new flooring but what are the big trends for next year to inspire your new décor?

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