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Why we love bleach cleanable carpets

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Some carpets are just made for modern life! There are few great manufacturers of carpets out there that really understand that life happens, spills happen, and they have created these amazing bleach cleanable carpets that are incredibly resistant to stains making them extremely good value for money and incredibly easy to look after.

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All About Stair Runners and How to Pick One for Your Home

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The staircase is certainly a focal point for any home and there’s been a trend in recent years towards wood flooring and bare steps. While this looks attractive, it can be less great when you consider general wear and tear. The good news is that you can combine that rustic, bare wood look with a carpet when you include a stair runner – it’s becoming popular with many homeowners and provide the best of both worlds.

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Great Flooring Ideas for Rental Homes

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When you have a rented property that you are preparing for tenants, one of the big areas to consider is what to put on the floor. You want the rooms to look nice while being practical and you also want something that is hard wearing to make it good value for money.

So, what are the best flooring ideas for rental properties?

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Colour Choices and Your Personality

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Whenever you want to decorate a room or even the whole house, you’ll ideally want to choose the colour combinations that match your personality. Whether you have a fondness for blues, feel a warm glow when you surrounded by pinks and reds or prefer something rainbow coloured and extravagant, getting the right mix in any home is important.

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Conservatory Flooring – What You Need to Know

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Often when you are having a conservatory added to your home, the big focus is on the overall design and shape of it. One area that can be a little left out is the flooring but this can be a crucial element that has a big impact on the overall success of the room.

So, here is a look at the essentials that you need to know about conservatory flooring.

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Why September is a Great Month to Refresh Your Home Flooring

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In between the hustle and bustle of summer and the wet and windy drawn out nights of winter, September is the perfect time to do some decorating, especially for big jobs such as refreshing or replacing your existing flooring.

One of the reasons for this is that it can be a fairly slow season for retailers. Parents are often more worried about the hassle of getting kids back to school rather than laying down a new carpet or decorating some walls. This slight slowing down may mean you are able to get a better deal if you choose the right carpet or flooring store or supplier. Some products, such as hardwood flooring, are actually better fitted during a cool period like early autumn.

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How to Clean Candle Wax from Carpets and Other Clever Carpet Tips

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There are few more annoying things that finding your carpet has been stained. While coffee and red wine can be easily removed, problems such as dripped candle wax can leave many home owners scratching their heads and wondering what to do.

Good carpet maintenance is not only vital if you want your flooring to remain in pristine condition but can also lengthen its life span quite considerably. Here are some excellent tips for cleaning away those difficult stains and keeping your carpets in tip top condition:

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Why wool is so wow!

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Wool carpet have always been the softest and most durable carpets on the market for a great many reasons. Along with its natural softness, and warmth did you know that a wool carpet is also naturally stain resilient?

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How to Pick Modern Flooring for your Office

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When choosing any new flooring for your office, you need to take several factors into consideration.

First there’s the question of functionality. You want it to be suitable for the job at hand. For example, if you have an area where there’s a good deal of footfall, you’ll want flooring that is robust and durable. You’ll want something that’s aesthetically pleasing, of course, but you also need it to be easy to clean and maintain.

You might have a set budget and need to keep inside that too, no matter how much you want to create an attractive space that makes your employees feel motivated or impresses your clients.

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