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Be Pattern Bold! Why decorating With Patterns is a Great Idea

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Trying to bring bright colours and bold designs into the décor of your home can be pretty daunting if you haven’t done it before. Whether it’s all about putting up some vibrant wallpaper, painting your walls a shocking shade of red, or laying down some quirky floor tiles, you can worry about what happens if you get it wrong.

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What are Carpet Offcuts? And why they are a great choice?

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When you’re working on a budget to decorate your home, you’ll want to shop around as much as possible to get the best deal. One little known way to get a high-quality carpet is choose carpet offcuts to get high quality carpets at really low prices. Carpet offcuts are what is left from carpet fitting jobs on large buildings where they ordered too much and have leftover stock or carpet warehouses like Adamms Carpets that have bought up end of lines from manufacturers.

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Why We Love the Cactus Decorating Trend

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It’s been called the big trend for the Spring and Summer of 2017 – the cactus has become a mega home style concept that many people across the world are embracing, including in the UK. We don’t mean just the spiky plant here. It’s all about how you bring the quirky cactus motif into the general design of your property.

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Is Wool the best type of Carpet?

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Wool carpets have always been known for their beauty and durability. For a natural fibre that is so soft and pliable it has a remarkable ability to withstand pressure, and can retain its good looks for a very long time.

There are of course certain levels of quality with wool carpets as there are for carpets made from man-made fibres. The very best quality wool that can be used for carpet production is called 'string' wool, and this comes from specific breeds of sheep raised in England and also New Zealand.

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Thinking of a Bedroom Makeover? Here Are Some Tips on How to Get it Right

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If you are fed up with your tired old bedroom and feel the need to give it a quality makeover, there are plenty of options to create an amazing space. From changing the floors to giving the walls a fresh coat of paint or getting in new furniture, as long as you plan your attack well, you can completely transform your bedroom into something fantastic.

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Flooring Ideas to make the most of your Kitchen

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Your kitchen is probably the busiest room of your North East home. A lot of work takes place in your kitchen that requires you to stand or move around for long periods of time. So choosing the right kitchen flooring requires a bit of extra thought and planning.

If you choose a floor simply based on its looks, then you may find it to be too hard or cold on your feet. Standing on a hard floor can cause of lot of stress on your legs, especially if you spend a lot of time in the kitchen preparing many meals and snacks for a large family.

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10 Quick Updates You Can Do in Your Home This Weekend

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DIY jobs and many other home improvements don’t need to be major undertakings. There are plenty of changes you can make over a single weekend should you want to give your home a fresh look. From putting up new curtains to laying down a hardwood floor or carpet, as long as you prepare properly there’s no reason why you can’t get it all done before the working week starts again

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Take a Fresh Look at Vinyl Style

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It’s not only records that are beginning to make a comeback. If you think that vinyl tiles have had their day and are a little passé, then you may want to think again. With new printing techniques, the old fashioned faux stone tiles are making way for bright, decorative ones with a distinctly modern feel.

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Does Recarpeting help sell your home?

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You only have one chance to make a good impression, and this is vital not just to entice a buyer to make an offer, but also to ensure you can get the fair market value. Unfortunately, although cosmetic effects should really make little difference, too many buyers they can be the difference between walking away and paying top dollar for a house they can't resist.

When it comes to presenting your house in the very best possible light, re-carpeting might be something you should really consider. Here's a few reasons why re-carpeting could be the single biggest factor that could help to sell your home.

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How to Decorate with Velvet

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Want your home to look more opulent? Velvet is often considered quite ostentatious but it’s actually one of the best fabrics to work with when it comes to home furnishings. Used sparingly, it can define your space and produce the kind of wow factor that you may be looking for. There’s something about the texture of this material, the way it hangs and the softness it brings in both look and feel that many people find attractive.

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