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Trying to bring bright colours and bold designs into the décor of your home can be pretty daunting if you haven’t done it before. Whether it’s all about putting up some vibrant wallpaper, painting your walls a shocking shade of red, or laying down some quirky floor tiles, you can worry about what happens if you get it wrong.

Be Decorating Bold

You could go too bold and be left with a room, or even a whole home, that shocks the eye wherever you look.

Bold is a great option, however, especially when you use it in the right way. It can lift a room and raise the spirits, creating a space that is engaging and vibrant, somewhere you want to spend time and enjoy life. Of course, it means you need to be bold yourself and, to a certain extent, throw caution to the wind. But it can be done and it will definitely be fun.

Patterned Flooring

When we are looking to go pattern bold, it’s often tempting to just think about the walls. Where you really need to start, however, is with the floor. It’s here that you can set the tone and from which everything follows.

There’s so much variation in carpets, floor tiles and engineered wood now, perhaps more than there has ever been. Manufacturers are becoming adventurous and you no longer have to be content with the traditional wood look or a muted colour for your carpet. Laminate flooring can now have your own design printed onto it and there’s plenty of options to produce something personal and dramatic that makes a statement about your space. Yes, it may well cost a bit extra but you’re sure to get a look that is perfectly suited to your personality.

Make an Impact

The floor is certainly good place to start if you want to go pattern bold because you can then build the rest of the decor on top of that base. It’s all about getting the right level of pattern and contrast, using spaces that may appear a little muted alongside those that have a greater visual impact. That balance is what normally turns people off going for bold shapes but with a little confidence it’s amazing what you can achieve.

Balance doesn’t mean you need to offset everything. A clean, bold pattern on the floor can work well with a solid coloured wall while a busy looking sofa with strong visual power can come to life if you lay it on a single plain carpet. Mixing soft prints with solid patterns always works well, particularly when it comes to furniture and small splashes of bold here and there quickly transform a dull room into something memorable.

Co-ordinate – Don’t Match!

Over-matching things when you are looking to introduce bolder patterns into a room can not only be very difficult to achieve it can also send you mad. The key to creating dynamic rooms in this way is not being too attached to the idea that everything should co-ordinate absolutely everything. Watch out for happy accidents and don’t be afraid to experiment, whether that’s with your walls and furniture or your flooring.

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