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In a way, we spend more time in the bedroom that in any room of the house – although most of the time we are asleep. This means that when it comes to the time to makeover your bedroom, you want to create a calm and pleasant place to be. So how can you do this without breaking the bank?

Decorating tips

Generally, painting is cheaper than wallpapering a room and is also easy if you decide down the line to change the décor. You can also go with a contrasting, stronger colour on one wall, known as a feature wall, that can add a focal point to the room – most people choose to use the wall behind the bed for this idea.

Alternatively, the feature wall could be where you splash out for a roll or two of wallpaper if it isn’t too big a space – this breaks up the plainness of the painted walls and can give you a theme to work with the accessories in the room.

Look at the flooring

Flooring in bedrooms tend on the luxurious side but this doesn’t have to be the case. While a nice thick pile carpet feels lovely when you walk on it bare foot, if you don’t spend much time in the bedroom apart from the basics, then this could almost be a waste.

Laminate flooring is a popular option for bedrooms because it is cost effective, can match in with any décor as there are so many styles available and some can even be laid by hand if you are confident. Laminate might seem a little chilly so why not add a rug on either side of the bed? This makes for a plush, warm place to step when you get out of bed while the rest of the room is easy to clean and practical.

Upcycle the furniture

There are lots of little touches you can do to the bedroom that doesn't cost a lot of money but can completely change the look of the room. This is often known as upcycling.

One example is to change the hardware on drawer units and wardrobes – this means the handles and any other metal elements. Most big DIY shops will stock a range of different fittings and changing them is a quick and simple process. But the look of the furniture can be completely altered by doing this.

If you have wood furniture that is looking its age, then why not paint, stain or varnish it? You can rub the top coat off to bring out the bare wood and apply a new varnish or even paint or stain it a colour that matches the room. It refreshes the look and also makes the furniture completely unique.

Clear the clutter

Makeover time is an ideal opportunity to get rid of the clutter in the room and invest in some nice storage boxes to put things in. These can stand on shelves, go in the wardrobe or even be stacked in a corner – because they look nice, they make a feature, not an eyesore!

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