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When Christmas is finally finished, many of us turn our minds to what we want to do in the New Year. And New Year can be a great time to do a makeover in parts of your home. One of the best ways to spruce up your home is with some new flooring but what are the big trends for next year to inspire your new décor?

Flooring trends

If you want something unique yet timeless for the floors of your home, parquet flooring is making a comeback in 2018. Parquet floors use hardwood in pieces that are individually laid to create geometric designs and unique patterns. It is a very labour intensive, specialist type of flooring but the idea behind it – the geometric designs – is one that can be found in other types of flooring such as vinyl and this makes it more accessible.

Another trend for flooring is the use of wide plank styles. Planks of wood or laminate used in flooring can easily be a foot or more in width which means they cover the floor very quickly. It also means that they are very sturdy floors that are ideal for the living room or for bedrooms and even high traffic areas depending on the material used.

Colours and materials

One new trend for 2018 is the use of grey colours in wood and laminate flooring. This can be the colour of the laminate or a stain applied to the wood and follows the trend in interior decorating towards the use of warm greys as opposed to beige neutrals. Grey floors are very clean looking and add a modern touch to any room.

Unusual materials are also being seen in flooring, although again they might not suit every home. Bamboo is popular for garden and conservatory furniture but is now also being used in wood flooring. It is important to get durable, woven boards that will last the longest and have been properly dehumidified before fitting to ensure quality.

A similar trend is to use of distressed, reclaimed wood on floors. These are popular for farmhouse style homes as well as period properties where new, shiny flooring can look out of place. They are more expensive than some options so don’t always suit every budget.

Carpet trends

When someone talks about ‘green’ carpets, they don’t always mean the colour! A new trend in carpets is to opt for recycled or ‘green’ carpets that use different materials to create flooring. This can be anything from regenerated nylon to recycled plastic bottles. And while they may not be for everyone or every room in the house, they are popular with the eco-friendly consumer.

Carpet tiles are a combination of carpet and tiling that are easy to install and great for adding that geometric pattern to a space. You can use tiles in two or three colours to make the flooring of the room into a real feature or can be used just in a specific area of the floor for an immovable rug.

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