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When you are planning to sell your home, there are lots of things you need to consider to make it more appealing to buyers. One of the big ones is the flooring in the home – but does certain types of flooring in certain parts of the house make a difference?

The hall and stairs

Let’s start with the first thing you normally see when you enter the house – the hallway and probably the stairs. Most flooring experts will recommend that you carpet these for a number of reasons.

But there are practical reasons for it. When you go up and down stairs without carpet, you make more noise. This can put people off, especially if they have kids. Either the kids make a huge amount of noise every time they go upstairs, or adults wake the kids when they go up after bedtime. Carpets can also hide a little of the dust that seems to appear on stairs and mean you don’t need to be sweeping them every few days.

To sell your home your flooring must be in in clean and good condition otherwise people will think this is an expense they will have to pay for when they move in. This will either result in potential buyers offering you less money than you have asked or not making an offer at all. So, ensure you get your carpets professionally cleaned or get a new carpet before putting your home up for sale. Getting a new carpet is especially important if the carpet although in good condition is an old-fashioned pattern – neutrals are the way to go when selling your home.

The living room

No-one wants to spend money on a house they are selling but sometimes a little investment can help make the sale. The carpet or flooring in the living room is a prime example of this. You need to look at it with a critical eye to decide if it is looking past its best and if it is then it might be worth investing in something new.

No matter how well we look after them, carpets and flooring can become stained or damaged over time. Putting down a nice rug can cover it initially but if someone makes a complete inspection of the room, they will quickly notice what you are hiding. That’s why it might be worth considering replacing the flooring or carpet to help boost your home’s sell-ability and price.

Upstairs Rooms

Carpets are once more becoming quite popular for bedrooms for similar reasons to them being popular on the stairs – they act as noise insulation. That doesn’t mean you should change your laminate or wood flooring for carpets to sell your house just for that reason.

Do take a look at the flooring in the bathroom to make sure it is up to the job – not all laminate flooring can withstand the moisture of the room. So, make sure yours hasn’t been affected by the high water levels in the bathroom or is showing any signs of damage.

Go with what works for you

If you do decide to replace some of the flooring or carpets in your home, don’t try and play the psychic and guess what potential buyers might want. Instead, choose carpets or flooring that fits in with your lifestyle and preferences, while just keeping a slight consideration for selling the house. For example, while you might like really bold colours and patterns, consider opting for something a little more towards the neutral spectrum to help sell the house.

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