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The feature wall is a concept lots of us will recognise – one wall in the room that looks different to the others. It might have a bolder colour, a patterned wallpaper or have a special feature such as the fireplace on it.

But the wall isn’t the only thing that can be the main feature – the flooring can be as well.

Amazing Flooring to Use

When you are looking to create a feature floor, there are some materials to consider that can have a great effect when used in the right way. While carpet and wood or laminate flooring are still popular, newer materials have come along that add something extra to the feature floor.

Resin is a man-made surface created from two polymers fused together with concrete to make a super hard-wearing floor. This is a very tough floor and also has the advantage of being slip resistant so if you have little feet running around, it helps minimize accidents.

Vinyl is quickly overtaking lino in kitchens for flooring for two big reasons – it is slip resistant and is also warmer underfoot than traditional kitchen floorings such as stone or ceramic tiles. Ceramic tiles do have their place as well – created back in Victorian times, they are popular for hallways, bathrooms, as well as kitchens but are also coming to be used in any room.

For the environmentally conscious homeowner, reclaimed wood is a big trend and makes for a unique and personalised feature floor. There are endless options from reclaimed flooring to wine crates and wooden pallets that can all be transformed into amazing flooring styles.

Tips for making a feature floor

These are a few of the ideas for flooring materials to use in a feature floor and don’t forget the classics such as carpet and wood or laminate flooring are still very useful for this concept. Here are some tips for making a feature floor work for you.

Let’s say you want the look of wood but not the cost involved with a real wood flooring – then why not make a feature floor with ceramic tiles that look like wood but have the strength of ceramic? Or maybe you want the look of your patio recreated in your conservatory? Then a parquet flooring can be used to create the same look as your outdoor spaces inside the house.

Concrete floors create a great industrial look and a real feature floor but can be a bit hard on the feet. That’s why you can get vinyl that looks like concrete but has the warmer, softer feel of the style.

For a feature floor, don’t be afraid of patterns and cold colours. Patterned retro ceramic tiles in a rich red shade with white spots were one example of a bold feature floor look in a kitchen that was white with accents of red. And if bold colours aren’t your thing, go for a classic monochrome tile look with a pattern of geometric shapes to create an eye-catching floor area that has real manor house vibe.

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