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What is Maximalism and How Can You Apply it to Flooring blog image

Minimalism has been around for a while now and if you are into keeping everything understated and neutral, then it is a brilliant trend. But what about if you like bold colours, big patterns and want to have a room full of visual activity? Then you want to get into maximalism – and you can even apply it to your flooring!

The basics of Maximalism

Maximalistic homes are very much the opposite of the minimalist – ‘dramatic and daring, warm, welcoming and offering a feast for the eyes’ are just a few of the ways that Houzz describes this trend. It is the perfect approach for people who love colour, texture and patterns and want to add those little touches to every space, rather than leave them blank and empty.

Some of the basic ‘rules’ of maximalism could be said to be:

  • Don’t be afraid to fill every space – use anchor pieces in neutral tones such as a grey sofa then add brightly coloured elements, patterned wallpaper and bold artwork around it
  • Don’t limit your colour palette – rather than sticking to a palette of neutrals with just one accent colour, use hues and tones as well as complementing and even contrasting shades to create a look that is uniquely you
  • Don’t stick to just one style or era – there’s no need to ensure that everything matches a certain style or is all from one era, feel free to mix and match as you like!
  • Clash those patterns – the fear of clashing patterns isn’t one experienced by the maximalist who puts together stripes and flowers or chevrons with Moorish patterns and loves it
  • Use lighting to emphasise it – don’t have quiet lighting, have bold lighting that shows off your bold artwork, makes the room glow with all the light fixtures and leaves no corner unlit
  • Don’t hide everything away – while maximalism isn’t a way to embrace untidiness, it does encourage you to have stuff on show and not hide it away so open fronted cupboards, shelves, glass doors are all popular

Using maximalism for your flooring

So, what does embracing maximalism mean for your flooring choices? In a sense, it means anything goes! Maybe you adore this brightly coloured carpet you have seen and want to put it in a room with brightly coloured walls in matching shade – go for it!

The use of floor tiles is another way to bring the trend into your room with geometric patterns being a popular look. You can even go for monochrome if you want to have that classic touch to it and combine it with strongly coloured or patterned walls.

If you have nice wood flooring that you don’t want to change, then another way to embrace the trend is to go with a big, patterned rug. That way you not only get to bring the maximalism look into the room but add a little protection to your wood flooring, therefore extending its lifespan and keeping it in top condition.

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