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Vinyl flooring is like most things – there are loads of great quality products then there are some that stand out from the crowd.  One of the these is Avenue Floors who offer a range of practical and stylish vinyl flooring for all parts of your house.  But what makes them such a great brand?

Who are Avenue Floors?

Avenue Floors are a flooring company who produce their state of the art vinyl flooring in a factor in Belgium.  This is no ordinary flooring factory – it has an on-site wind farm and recycling facilities that make it one of the most efficient vinyl flooring factories anywhere.  As well as being very environmentally conscious, the company produce the highest quality floors to ensure that customers receive a great investment for their home that will continue to look great and feel comfortable for the longest time.

The company also works hard to offer a range of floors to suit all tastes.  They have in-house designers and researchers that create styles varying from the latest trends and contemporary looks to the classics of flooring.  Every flooring style is easy to fit, low maintenance, affordable and comes with comfort, warmth and noise reduction built in.

The Avenue Floor collections

Ultimate Tones

The Ultimate Tones collection is a series of flooring styles that have a subtle, natural look to them in shades of grey and beige that mimics real wood and stone.  The range receives top marks for durability and the underfoot comfort that it offers while also helping to reduce noise – meaning it is ideal for upstairs as well as downstairs.  With top thermal insulation properties, the flooring also helps the home to be more energy efficient.

Ultimate Timber PU

If you like the look of wood but don’t want to deal with actual wood or laminate flooring, then this range is just what you need.  It comes in a variety of colours from light to dark wood effects, chevron patterns and shades of grey and cream.  The range comes with a 15-year guarantee and great insulation properties to reduce noise and help keep the house warm.

Bubblegum and Liquorice

If you want a simple vinyl flooring style that is big on character, then this range is the one for you.  From classic black and white squares to basket weave style patterns, geometric shapes and even bold, colourful stripes, this range has them all.  All of the flooring options come with a 7-year guarantee and is a cost-effective way to add a waterproof, protective and stylish layer to your floor.

Inspirational flooring

Avenue Floors offers inspirational flooring for all rooms of your home.  It is suitable for kitchens and bathrooms with the higher moisture content as well as being soft underfoot for bedrooms and living rooms.  And the easy cleaning of the styles means it is great even for areas such as kid’s bedrooms or playrooms.  Whatever you need from your flooring, these classy vinyl flooring options will have a solution for you and all come with a substantial guarantee for extra reassurance.

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