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The style of Morocco is an interesting and unique one, influenced by its location close to Europe and in the north of Africa.  The country has historically been a crossroads with styles that blend from everywhere around it including Spanish and French to African, Persian and Islamic.  The resulting style is one that is popular around the world – but how can you create that Moroccan vibe in your home?

Key elements of Moroccan style

To start, it is important to understand the key elements of Moroccan style, those looks and patterns that are instantly recognisable.

Strong colour is one of these – shades of blue and green from the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea along with the reds and oranges of a desert sunset.  These colours feature strongly in Moroccan style.

Busy patterns but simple styles are key looks for the furniture in this style.  Sofas and tables are often lower to the ground and there is an emphasis on iron scrollwork, carved wood and rich shades of upholstery.  Flooring with mosaic or terracotta tiles can work well.

Adding lush and luxurious fabrics is also important such as throw pillows and cushions, draped fabric from window frames and the use of heavy cords to keep them tidy in high traffic areas as well as to let the light into the space.

Hardwood flooring in dark shades is an important part of a Moroccan style while Beni Ourain rugs or floor cushions are then added to it.  Ceramic tiles are popular in Morocco because they remain cool in the heat of the day.

How to use these elements in your home

How much of these and the other elements of Moroccan style you use is very much up to you.  You can go for a full Moroccan themed look, add a few elements here and there or anything in between.  Here are a few suggestions to help.

Architectural details

Everything from archways and curved doorways is popular ways to bring a touch of Morocco into a room but you can also do it in other ways.  Painting the pattern on walls, using the shapes in bookshelf finishes touches or even with a wall design can all bring this look.

Bold colours

The colours of Moroccan style are one of the easiest ways to get some of the vibes.  Choose one or two of the popular shades and use them as an accent for your room while keeping the rest of it relatively neutral.  You don’t even have to paint or wallpaper either – floor rugs, cushions or curtains can all bring in this element.


A great way to bring the vibe is to get a Moroccan style rug – even an imitation one will work if that’s more your budget.  Pair it with dark wood or laminate flooring and use it as a focal point in the room. Moroccan Vinyl flooring has become a bit of a modern trend and it looks amazing in kitchens, bathroom and even hallways.

Moroccan vibe

From lanterns as ceiling lights to textiles draped around windows, there are loads of different ways to get that Moroccan vibe and also to easily add it to an existing room.  Look for ways that suit your taste as well as the style for the perfect balance.

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