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We all love a good collaboration where people with amazing talents combine to produce something new and stylish.  Designers that collaborate to create flooring options is an area of collaboration that is becoming more popular.  Designers get to showcase their abilities to new audiences and brands get to attract new customers with innovative styles and designs.  Let’s look at a few examples.

Brintons and Timorous Beasties

Timorous Beasties are known as one of the top textile design firms in the UK and their surreal designs have brought something unique to many homes.  They concentrate on the idea of pattern in a room becoming a dramatic feature in its own right – often the opposite of the commonly held approach.

Their partnership with Brintons has brought this concept to flooring in an entirely new way.  Britons are known for their woven carpets that have been used in homes but also larger buildings from hotels and restaurants to public buildings and even palaces.

Harvey Maria and Cath Kidston

Cath Kidston is a fashion designer whose company already sell home furnishings.  She is famous for nostalgic floral patterns inspired by the English countryside of her childhood used to create a modern vintage style.

The partnership with Harvey Maria has seen the creation of hard wearing and easy to maintain flooring options that also have that whimsical feel to them.  Harvey Maria are known for working to bring something new and different to flooring.

Harvey Maria and Dee Hardwicke

Another collaboration with Harvey Maria is with Dee Hardwicke.  Dee is a British designer who works in the Arts & Crafts movement style and her background included training with Quaker potters in the Welsh Marches.  She creates a wide range of products for the home as well as stationery and chinaware.

The Lattice collection with Harvey Maria includes a range of hand painted designs that have an organic feel to them and a colour palette straight from nature.  The range contains different colours of the vinyl flooring to match any room.

Quirky B and Ben Pentreath

Ben Pentreath is an interior designer who specialists in the English style with historic interiors from the 1960-70s.  However for his collaboration with Quirky B, he went back a bit further and sought inspiration from the stone and marble flooring patterns of 18th century architect Batty Langley.

Quirky B are known for creating a range of stylish carpets.  With this collaboration, they offered their customers something a little different with the strong use of colour in the carpets and the classical ideas behind the designs.

Quirky B and Liberty Fabrics

Quirky B also teamed up with Liberty Fabrics to create their Flowers of Thorpe Summer Garden carpet.  This special collaboration came from the experience in fabrics of Liberty Fabrics, who have been making soft furnishings for over 130 years and the carpeting experience of Quirky B.  While the unique carpet isn’t one that everyone would want in their home, it shows that collaboration can create something very unique and special!

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