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There are some extensive ranges of carpet out there in a wide palette of colours and with various patterns and designs.  But sometimes you just can’t quite find what you want.  Maybe you have a specific pattern you want in the room or have a desire for something a little different than the normal carpet looks.  So, did you know you could design your carpet in this situation?

How it works

To create your own carpet design involves working with a company that designs and manufactures carpets.  When you do this, you will sit down with the company and discuss what you have in mind – colours, patterns, style of carpet, size of the room.  This will allow the company to create a design for the carpet to create a small trial piece to help see if it is what you had in mind.

This option is also popular for commercial customers who want to have things like a company logo added to the carpet or have it made in a specific brand colour.  There are various styles of carpet that can be made this way including very hard-wearing office carpet that can withstand the constant use of a workspace.

Unique rugs

The service also extends to rugs if you want to have some kind of flooring and add a unique and special feature rug on top of this.  There’s no shortage of ideas that you can use for inspiration – from sports teams to rainbow palettes to the family crest, there are lots of ideas you can use for inspiration for a unique rug.

Once you have the idea of what you want to have on the rug, then you can sit down with the company and show them.  They can make a small sample to check it works in real life and you can even test it at home with the décor.  Then the whole rug can be made up in the material that works best for the area of the home it will be used in.

Finding inspiration

Maybe you know that you want something a little different for a rug or carpet but need some inspiration to help you narrow down what that looks like.

Nature is always a good source of inspiration.  A favourite plant, an animal you love or even something like a water pattern can be great to make into a carpet or for a feature rug.  You can use a repetitive pattern or choose a single larger feature image with a secondary pattern around it.  Animal print patterns are also popular for carpets and you can choose colours that work with your room.

Abstract patterns are another great idea for inspiration.  These can feature different colours or complementing shades that work together to create a stunning effect.  Even something like a series of rainbow coloured circles on a dark background can make a stunning rug or feature carpet.

High quality and unique

When you have a carpet designed for you, the end result is something high quality and unique – no-one else will have one quite like it and that makes for an amazing way to finish a room.