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The Moroccan or Moorish trend remains a popular one around the UK with homes featuring all kinds of North African inspired motifs, colours and patterns.  A popular way to use these styles is with Moroccan tiles but these can be expensive and not always practical.  But there is another way to get the Moroccan look – with vinyl flooring.

The Moroccan trend

If you have ever walked around the markets of Marrakech, then you will have a good idea what the Moroccan look is all about.  There’s no set pattern or specific design but more a series of them that gel together and can be used on their own to create features in a room.

Traditional Moroccan tiles are one of two types of tile –mosaic tiles or cement tiles.  In both cases, they are often handmade by skilled local artisans using techniques that are generated old.  With the trend being so popular, there are also commercial versions available including digitally printed varieties.

Vinyl Moroccan Tiles

While genuine Moroccan tiles are amazing, they are also not practical for many homes.  They may not be able to withstand the high use of your rooms or the demands you place on them.  Or you may need an amount of the tiles that make it simply too expensive to consider.  And the cost of importing them adds to the overall cost, making them an expensive flooring option.

Why go for vinyl?

However, all of this doesn’t mean you can’t have a Moroccan look in your home – because this is where vinyl comes in.  Vinyl flooring has been around since the 1930s and became the top water-resistant flooring by the 1950s.  It has continued to evolve and is now a popular flooring option for many homes.

One of the top reasons that people opt for vinyl flooring is that it is low maintenance.  You can sweep it or mop it and that’s really all the attention it needs.  Because it is water resistant it is ideal for rooms such as the kitchen or bathroom and also means you don’t need to worry about over-wetting it while washing.

Vinyl is very cost effective, especially compared with Moroccan tiles and comes in a huge range of colours, styles and patterns.  That includes Moroccan patterns and Moorish styles that fit in with the trend while giving the benefits of the vinyl flooring.

Durable and stain resistant

While vinyl is an inexpensive flooring option it also has a good lifespan and with the right maintenance can easily last 10-20 years.  The key to this is to buy good quality vinyl that has a great feel underfoot and is stain resistant.

Finally, vinyl flooring is easy to lay.  If you want to do it yourself, then you can easily cut it and lay it in any room of your house.  This means you can cut down on the cost of a flooring installer if you prefer to go down the DIY route.  The end result is a Moroccan styled flooring that is much less expensive and much more durable.