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How you decorate a room in your home can be influenced by lots of different things.  There’s the nature of the room and its purpose.  There’s the size, shape and natural light into the room.  And then there are more subtle things that can help you make decisions.  For a dining room, does your cooking style influence how you decorate the space?

The open plan kitchen-diner

Open plan styles remain a top option for all part of the downstairs of our homes.  The natural flow between kitchen and dining room makes this a popular option if you want to remove a wall.  And it can also suit your cooking style – maybe you are an active cook who likes to chat with the family while cooking and having them sitting at a table in the same room suits.  Or maybe you like to serve a meal properly with lots of dishes for the different parts of the meal and a lack of wall can help with this.

Open plan rooms may be seen as quite modern, but this doesn’t need to be the case.  Vintage style rooms can work particularly well in open plan styles.  Use white as your basis for the room and allow the space to merge together with upcycled dressers to store all of the crockery alongside a simple table and chairs set.

Dining room floor options

Your cooking style can also influence the kind of flooring you want to opt for.  Going back to open plan areas, it is common to use a single type flooring throughout, so tiles or vinyl flooring can be ideal.  This has the added benefit of being easy to clean and if there are any little accidents around the dining table, this kind of flooring makes it easy to handle.

If you have separate kitchen and dining room areas, then hardwood or laminate flooring can be an option.  Sometimes this type of flooring isn’t ideal in the kitchen with the higher moisture levels but there’s no such concern in the dining room.  And they also bring that easy to clean factor with them.

Decorate with your cooking style

There are even subtle ways to bring your cooking style and favourite kinds of dishes into the dining room area.  Let’s say you love Italian food and make a lot of pizza and pasta.  Then you can choose accessories for the dining room that fit in with this kind of look.  You can add rustic storage accessories and prints featuring herbs or your favourite Italian location.

Another example would be in the pattern of the flooring.  Maybe you are a passionate Moroccan cuisine fan and also love the architecture and art of the area.  Then you could choose a type of flooring that allows you to bring that vibe to the dining room and carry over the theme from your cooking and interests into the décor of the room.

Remember while the dining room is a practical space, there’s no reason you can’t have a bit of fun with the décor and bring your personality into it too.