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When you have a Victorian home, you often want to have flooring and furniture that suits the age of your property.  You want something that looks in keeping with the property’s style and era while still doing the modern jobs we expect from flooring.  To help you find the right solution, here are some ideas of flooring styles that work well in Victorian homes.

Traditional flooring options

If you were back in Victorian times, flooring in many parts of the house would have simply mean painting the floor.  This was a trend that was popular in the US and came over here as people realised those floorboards were good for more than putting flooring on top – they could be the flooring themselves.  Strong geometric and faux marble looks were popular while looks from around the world were often used.

Another tradition that can still be replicated if you can find the right product is the floor cloth or oilcloth.  This was a hand-painted canvas rug that came with a wide range of patterns and was available in various widths.  They were painted with oil colours, so they became waterproof and were popular in kitchens, hallways and porches.  Lots of styles were created and this means you can find one that fits in with the room’s décor.

Classic flooring options

Carpets and rugs as we know them today were also around in Victorian times although the materials weren’t as clever and developed.  Carpets were used in any room of the house to make the space warmer and more comfortable underfoot.

They were made with dyed wool and sometimes with hemp so if you want to be really traditional, these kinds of carpets would be best.  But there’s nothing wrong with a stylish modern carpet using man-made textures if you want something that looks the part but has modern stain-resistance.

Rugs were also common, usually added to oak flooring known as parquetry as the flooring was highly polished – and slippery.  So, a rug was added in the main areas of the room, so you didn’t slip when walking around and to add a feature to the room.

Modern solutions

There are also modern solutions that have the look of classic styles but that bring the benefits of modern technology.  Top of the list is laminate flooring – it can mimic those real wood styles of flooring that were popular while being stronger, easier to fit and long lasting.  You can choose a style of laminate that looks like other wood in the house to fit in with the style of the property.

Real wood flooring is also still a popular option and modern cutting techniques mean it is easier to lay – no marquetry knowledge needed!  You can get a stylish, real oak wood floor for your Victorian home that isn’t as slippery and looks the part.  It is also very long lasting and warmer underfoot than tiles or stone flooring.  Wood can be finished to a high gloss, low sheen or even flat to look the part.

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