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2019 is nearly upon us and it is a good opportunity to look back at some of the most popular flooring trends of 2018 and what we can expect to be covering the floors of homes into the new year and beyond.

Looking back – 2018 Flooring Trends

Looking back at the previous year is a good indication on what will continue to be popular in at least the start of the new year. In 2018 one of the biggest trends was grey. From homeowners going grey crazy on every part of their home including the floors. Dubbed as the new neutral this grey trend is showing no signs of slowing and grey carpets, vinyl and grey shades in laminate is continuing to be popular. Other trends include patterned vinyl and wider planks in laminate and hardwood flooring.

Paint Colours & Flooring Trends

Flooring does often follow paint colour trends, but as flooring is always more expensive than a tin of paint the colour trends take longer to take hold as homeowners want to be sure a trend is not a fad before they commit to purchasing flooring. So, look out for the trendy pain brands like Farrow & Ball, look at their new and popular colours as these will be the flooring colour choices of the near future.

2019 Flooring Trends

Following from the paint colour comments above, leading paint manufacturer Farrow & Ball have just released a series of new colours, some of which will most definitely be seen in flooring colours in the near future. Pinks and reds are having a resurgence, as is yellow so perhaps these stronger colours are the carpet and vinyl colours of the future. Working our way back to warmer tones and leaving the Scandi greys and whites behind.

New colour trends emerge all the time, Millennial Pink is quite a well-used phrase but even that is moving over for Gen-Z yellow! When colours like pink and yellow start to move from walls into furniture you know these colours are going to be around for a while and so will be the flooring choices soon in people’s homes.

Warm Woods

The warm theme is probably one of the most followed through theme for trend prediction for 2019 and so we are expecting sales in warm tones laminate wood flooring and engineered wood flooring to warm up!

Vintage & Pattern Vinyl

Another big trend we are predicting is patterned vinyl. Especially if it has a vintage vibe to the pattern – vinyl is so versatile and the prints on them are getting better and better all the time with the aid of innovative designers within the flooring industry and better printing techniques. The opportunities for stylish vinyl is really nearly endless.

North Tyneside Flooring 2019

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