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Light and neutral shades of flooring have been top of the popularity list for many years now.  But there is a trend to move away from the light, neutral shades and try something stronger.  One of the popular options is dark and black flooring. Do you dare to go dark?

If you do – here are our tips on how to choose the right black flooring and what options are available.

Dark wood flooring

The key to using dark and black wood flooring is to make sure the room can carry it off.  This means balancing the light and other colours in the room to make sure it doesn’t become oppressive.  For example, rooms with little natural light might not work perfectly with this type of flooring (unless you are into the Gothic style!)

Wall colour is key to success with neutral shades or pale tones.  A big advantage of quality wood flooring is that it lasts a long time and the dark colour will also make it easy to change the look of the room in any number of ways.

Black flooring

Laminate and other styles of flooring now also come in black and other dark colours.  Like dark shades of real wood flooring, these look stunning in the right room.  Living rooms are a particular favourite for this type of look while a master bedroom can also benefit from a darker shade of flooring.

Light coloured furniture is also important when you have a dark flooring.  Don’t be tempted into black grey wood or a dark mahogany as this can make the room seem too dark.  Instead, go for white or very light wood shades that contrast well with the floor. Or n complete contrast have bright bold coloured furniture – the dark floors will show them off in a completely new way.

Another great tip is to add a lighter shade area rug to the room.  These are big rugs that cover a good amount of the room and to which most of the furniture border.  You can go with grey shades, for example, that is between the darkness of the floor and lightness of the walls.  Even a patterned rug would work well in this type of room.

Dark carpets

The final option is to use dark carpets and again, the contrast with walls and furniture are the key to the look.  Don’t think you must have to stick to a monochrome palette, however.  Pale walls, a black carpet and a sofa in bright red, for instance, is a great way to add a feature to a room.

Metallics are very popular at the moment and these work well with dark flooring.  They help bounce light around the room with their reflective surfaces.  Plus, they are a little different to the classic wood furniture.  You can mix metallics into any style from a period look to a very contemporary one.

Most living rooms, master bedrooms and even other parts of the house can work well with dark or black flooring.  These styles make your room look a little different to most of the houses people will enter and allow you to be a trendsetter.  And they are also very versatile if you want to redecorate without renewing the flooring.

If you dare to go dark, make sure you get your flooring form Adamms Carpet Warehouse in North Shields. Carpet, Vinyl, Wood and laminate flooring is available at the best prices for any room in your home.