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Brockway Carpets have been making beautiful wool carpets since 1964 and continues to manufacture some of the best designed carpets on the market today. Available in a range of colours and styles these modern classic wool carpets are perfect for any room in your home.

Brockway Carpets are also known for investing in carpet ranges like Herdwick and Shetland, enabling them to support traditional farming in the UK’s remote terrain.

Brockway wool carpets work with cutting edge technology and leading designers to create contemporary carpets with a classic feel – here are a few of our favourite Brockway Carpets:

Carnaby Carpet by Brockway

Do you want to capture the spirit of Britain or reimagine the cool style of The Italian Job in your home? If so then taking a look at the stunning red, white and blue striped carpet of Carnaby is a great idea. Called Carnaby to evoke that swinging sixties vibe of the famous London street, the team at Brockway have taken the union flag and given it a carpet twist!

A stunning, eye catching carpet made from 100% wool which makes it warm and luxurious a beautiful carpet to make a real statement in any home.

Cavendish Clay Weave Carpet by Brockway

Do you want a cool, contemporary and calm vibe in your room? If so then this Brockway Carpet called Cavendish Clay Weave could be the perfect answer. This carpet is made from in a textured loop pile finish which is very tactile and feels soft and luxurious when stepped upon. The soft texture in the pile is reflected in the textured pattern of the carpet.

Not quite stripes and not quite pattern this soft texture striped carpet has a rustic feel enhanced by the neutral palette. A mix of grey and beige with warmer tones of cream and brown makes the Cavendish Clay Weave Carpet a modern take on a neutral carpet with a nice interesting note.

Natural Tweed Eriskay Carpet by Brockway

The great thing about the carpets of offer from Brockways is that they don’t only offer a great choice in colour and pattern but also in texture. If you are looking for an extra dimension when decorating your room, then think texture and take a look at this Natural Tweed Eriskay carpet.

Crafted from pure undyed wool in a herringbone design this textured carpet feels plush and lush underfoot. A neutral carpet with texture is a great way to add interest to an otherwise plain neutral carpet.

Solar Chilli Carpet by Brockway

If you want a carpet to make a statement and have a very long life or used in a hardwearing area, then consider this stunning red carpet called Solar Chilli. Made from a two-ply yarn mix to make it extremely hardwearing and as it is crafted from a whiter wool yarn so the colour is much more vibrant and has a stunning clarity.

To see more in the Brockway range or to discuss how to use some of these amazing carpets as floor covering in your own home talk to the team at Adamms Carpets in North Shields today for the best prices on the carpets you want!