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No matter how good quality a carpet is, there will come a time when it needs replacing.  Even the toughest carpet will show its age at some point, although it is often after years of hard use.  But how do you spot when the time has come for a new carpet?  What are the signs that a carpet is past its best?

Signs of being worn out

The simplest sign that a carpet is due to be upgraded is that it looks worn out or worn down.  These are actually lots of little signs that can be a red flag for the condition of your carpet.  They can include areas that are matted down, frayed, small holes, bare patches or simply that some areas of the carpet look less colourful than others, as if the colour has bled out of them.

A good way to inspect a carpet and spot some of the more subtle signs of being worn out is to use a brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner.  This will help to spot those little problems but also can restore the carpet and refresh it if it is simply a little worn down, but not yet worn out.

Stains that won’t go away

There are some genius ways to remove stains and lots of stain removal products available.  Carpets often come with built-in stain resistance to help them withstand many of the most common stains.  But if your carpet has stains that won’t go away and are spoiling the look of the room, you may need to consider a replacement.  If the carpet is otherwise in good condition, a carpet cleaner may be able to deal with the problem but otherwise, if removal is impossible, replacement may be the only option.

Strange smells

If you keep noticing strange smells in rooms with carpet and you can’t find any other reason, the carpet itself may be the culprit.  Dirt can work its way into the fibres of the carpet and no matter how often you vacuum, they don’t always come out.  That spill of juice, that little accident by the dog, the mud tracked in on someone’s feet – visually, these problems are gone but a trace could be into the depths of the carpet, causing a smell.

Baking soda can be a way to see if the carpet is salvageable.  Sprinkle a little onto the carpet and leave for a few hours then vacuum thoroughly.  The powder can absorb lots of things that cause smells and then take them with it.  But if the smell persists, a replacement carpet may be the best option.

Just looks bad

Sometimes a carpet just generally shows its age.  There are no stains, bald patches or smells but the look of it tells you it is time to replace.  Or maybe you are simply tired of seeing it on your floor – that’s okay!  A new carpet can completely refresh a room and give it an entirely new look, even if you aren’t decorating.