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Sometimes the idea of having a particular ‘style’ in your home can seem a little overwhelming with all the recommendations and tips.  Dos and don’ts can seem endless!  But there’s one style that is perfect if you want to create a look but don’t want a big list of rules to follow and that’s country chic, also known as shabby chic.  And one of the best ways to add this style to your home is with flooring.

What is country chic?

One of the things that draw people to country chic is there’s no set definition, no rules or things to avoid.  It is more about a vibe, a feeling that a room gives you when you decorate it in these styles.  It is relaxed and almost pulled together but there is definitely some thought goes into it.  it is creating spaces that are comfortable to be in and not too formal but not messy!

Before we talk about flooring tips for country chic, let’s look at a couple of general ideas to help you pull the room together.  For starters, you want a neutral background – this means the structural elements of the room such as the walls or floor.  Light or pale shades are often most popular for these styles because you can then bring in colour with other touches, but it doesn’t mean everything has to be white.

Don’t be afraid to go for vintage, recycled, upcycled or slightly imperfect furniture in a room with a country chic theme.  In fact, these kinds of quirky, been around the block furniture pieces are ideal for the vibe you are going for and you can even make them more unique by doing a bit of DIY restyling.

Country chic flooring

Flooring is a very important part of the country chic look because it is one of those structural elements we mentioned.  So what kind of looks work well?

Top of the list is real wood and laminate flooring.  Choose soft shades or light wood colours and these will work perfectly in a country chic room.  You can even go for styles of wood that have an aged or distressed look and that tie in with any wood furniture in the room.  Keep away from the rich or dark shades of wood or laminate as these will overshadow other features.

Stone coloured vinyl and other light vinyl is brilliant for a kitchen in country chic.  Again, the paler colours give that relaxed vibe and allow any brighter accessories to stand out.  While real stone flooring can be expensive and hard to maintain, stone coloured vinyl gives the look of the real thing with much less cost and maintenance.

Carpet your country chic rooms

Finally, you can easily use carpet in country chic styles.  For living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms, carpet in lighter shades is ideal and you can always add a coloured rug as a centrepiece on top.  Rugs are also ideal to add a feature to wood or laminate floors.