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The bathroom is often one of the smaller rooms in the house, but it can be one of the most complicated when it comes to the flooring choices.  It needs to handle the traffic, be waterproof and slip-resistant as well as easy to clean.  You also want it to be quite warm underfoot when you step out of the bath or shower – and carpet isn’t really a bathroom option.  But what flooring options are good for bathrooms?

Getting the look

One of the classic looks for flooring is stone with flagstone floors being popular in the kitchen.  But in the bathroom, real stone floors can be tricky.  Not only are they a bit slippery but they are also rather cold on the feet.  And the weight means that a good flooring structure is needed which isn’t always the case.

There is a way to get the look of stone flooring without the issues and that’s either laminate flooring or vinyl tiles.  These both provide the look of wood or stone while being lightweight, slip resistant and warmer underfoot.  You can also get waterproof wood effect laminate which has a special waterproof layer making it perfect for bathrooms.

Laminate tends to mimic wood flooring looks so you can get all shades and effects.  Modern products are very realistic, and it is hard to tell them apart from the real thing.  With luxury vinyl tiles, you can get wood and stone effects including slate, concrete, marble and limestone as well as various wood looks.  Again, good quality products are visually hard to tell apart from the real thing.

Can you DIY it?

When choosing the right bathroom floor, one consideration may be the cost of laying it.  For some, the ideal material is one they can lay themselves and laminate flooring is often considered for this reason.  While it does take some practice, the locking mechanisms mean that you can quite easily take on the job yourself.

With luxury vinyl tiles, there is usually a strong case for having an expert flooring fitter do the job.  Some styles do have a similar locking system to laminate but others require them to be glued down and working with those industrial glues is best left to experts.

How waterproof is it?

While the look and fitting are considerations, one of the biggest issues for a bathroom floor is always how waterproof it is.  Laminate flooring is made from tiny pieces of recycled wood pulp and has coatings on it that make it waterproof.  You can also get specialist products that are designed for bathrooms that have a higher level of waterproofing.  And that recycled material means this type of flooring also has strong environmentally friendly credentials.

Vinyl tiles are made from PVC based materials that means they are extremely hard wearing and come with a longer warranty than most other types of floor.  The material is also very waterproof although it doesn’t have the same eco-friendly points as laminate.

The best option?

Both laminate flooring and luxury vinyl tiles make a strong case as the best option for the bathroom.  A lot depends on your taste and budget but either will do a strong job in this awkward room. For the best choices and prices on floor for your bathroom visit Adamms Flooring Warehouse in North Tyneside to take a look at their massive selection of in stock floors.