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Having the right flooring for your home is essential, as it lays the foundation for the rest of the decoration in your home. From classic hardwood floors to the latest in designer carpets Adamms Carpet Warehouse in North Shields has been providing excellent prices and service to North Tyneside homes for over 30 years.

Designer Carpets North Tyneside

While a carpet warehouse is often known for its unbeatable deals on offcuts and trade carpets they are also the best place to buy designer carpets too.

There are a few really great ways to get the best prices on the carpets you want at the best prices anywhere here is some advice on getting the best deals on designer carpets and flooring in North Tyneside.

Buy Designer Offcuts

One of the best ways to get designer carpets if you live in North Tyneside is to buy carpet offcuts or carpet remnants. These are often left-over carpets from large commercial jobs for example when a builder completes a new housing development, or a hotel or commercial building has new floors laid. Often the contractor will have left over carpets, vinyl, laminate or hardwood and this is then sold on through carpet warehouses like Adamms Carpets at a massive discount. The flooring used in the original contracts is often high-quality designer flooring as it is to be used in high traffic areas and must look great for years to come. Buying these offcuts and remnants means you are getting high quality flooring at unbeatable prices, the only downside is that you are limited in the colour and style choice, however as most of these flooring styles are mainly neutral in shade and design they will fit well in any room in any home.

Order Designer Carpets at Adamms Carpets

No only a flooring store for offcuts Adamms Carpet warehouse in North Shields can order any carpet in any style at a discount rate. If you love Axminster Carpets and want to get the best price possible, or if you want the latest in funky carpet design from carpet designers Alternative Flooring but want to ensure you are getting the best deal on the carpets you dream of then ask Adamms Carpets to order it for you.

They can order any carpet in any size from any carpet manufacturer and they will ensure you get the best deal possible on the carpet, vinyl, laminate or hardwood floor you have seen. So, if you have been looking at flooring online or in a magazine, bring it in to Adamms Carpets and they can order it for you cheaper than anywhere else!

Get a Rug Made

If you love the look of a designer carpet but are a little worried about having the whole room covered in it, or you want something a bit special but want to keep the costs as low as possible consider getting a rug made from your favourite style. You can have them made in any size and with a choice of edgings to compliment your décor.

Whatever you are looking for in flooring you will find the best range at the best price at Adamms Flooring Warehouse in North Shields.