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For most of us when you look to get new flooring, there is a budget involved.  But working to a budget doesn’t have to mean you can’t get the look or style that you want.

Here are some top tips on how to save money when buying new flooring.

Get the right materials

The material of the flooring is at the heart of your decision and can also have a big impact on price.  You can get affordable materials right through to luxurious version and the price will follow accordingly.  Some materials, however, are always more affordable than others.

One example is wood flooring.  A real solid wood floor has a stunning look and feel but is a lot more expensive than an engineered floor.  Engineered wood flooring has a solid wood surface on a supportive plywood or HDF base layer.  This gives it the look and feel of real wood at a lower price point while still being strong and long lasting.

If you need something that is even tougher but like the look of wood, then laminate flooring is the answer.  This is made from high density fibreboard and finished with a hyper-realistic photo of the wood you like.  It can also be made to resemble stone or ceramics.  Laminate is one of the most budget friendly options available.

Look at smaller brands

Flooring can be a lot like clothes – you pay more for the big brand names but there can be some quality products from smaller brands as well.  The big names in flooring such as Quickstep and Karndean are there for a reason – quality products that have an impressive history and look the part.  But that’s not to say that smaller brands can’t do a great job when you are on a budget.  Look at the different brands on offer and consider the products they make, not just the name.

Get everything from one supplier

Shopping around is a good thing that lets you get the best deal.  But when you are happy with a supplier, it can save you money to get everything from them.  For example, if you need flooring and underlay or maybe an adhesive product, some accessories such as skirting or other services, you can get a better deal by arranging it all from one supplier. Adamms Carpets in North Shields can supply, deliver and fit all your flooring needs, and all at affordable prices.

Another consideration is that it is easier to coordinate the project when you use a single supplier.  Rather than waiting for the flooring to be in stock and delivered then making sure a separate fitter is available, using the in-house fitter means they will usually bring the flooring with them.  And this can also get you a good deal on the cost of fitting.

Designer Carpets for Less

If you know the exact carpet you want but want to get it for less then visit Adamms Carpets in North Shields, they can order any designer carpet from any manufacturer for you at the best price possible. They also stock a massive range of quality carpet offcuts, these are often high quality carpets overordered from large commercial jobs meaning they are top quality carpets at rock bottom prices!