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It doesn’t matter what size your home is, there is always the urge to make the rooms look larger.  And while extending them is an option, there are lots of easier ways to create that look of more space and make the most of the room you have.

Cool Colours

In any room, white is always popular for the paintwork but doesn’t make the most inviting wall colour.  So instead, go for soft and light colours on the walls to reflect light and make the room bigger.  For example, use light greens and blues in place of dark blues and greys.

Choose tone on tone shades

Having lots of colours in a room can be fun but doesn’t help with the look of space.  Instead, pick a colour and use shades, tints and tones of it for all the main furniture, carpets, curtains, fittings and ornaments.  This makes a smaller space look bigger and lets the eye flow smoothly around the room.

Lightweight curtains

Those big heavy curtains might be great for keeping the room feeling cosy in the winter, but they don’t do much to help it seem bigger.  Instead, go with lightweight materials such as light linen that will make the room seem larger and also reflect the light.

Coordinate walls and curtains

An interior design’s trick to make a room look larger is to make the curtains and the walls the same colour.  This means the curtains will blend into the wall and avoid reducing the appearance of space in the room.

Dark to light from floor to ceiling

To add the feeling of space, ensure the carpets are the darkest thing in the room then move up to lighter walls and the lightest shade on the ceiling.  This also draws the eye upwards.

Striped flooring

Stripes have this strangely magic effect of making a room seem bigger so striped carpets, two coloured wood flooring or even striped rugs can be a great way to add space.  If you want something really startling, go with black and white.

Make your flooring visible

Not only does this let you see that lovely carpet or wood flooring you have but by making some of the floor visible, it also makes the room optically larger.  This can even include having sofas and chairs on legs that lift themselves off the floor a little.  Glass coffee tables are also great for this idea.

Leave space on your shelves

When space is it a premium, it is tempting to fill up every inch of your shelves.  But by leaving some space, you can make the room seem larger.  So, stack those books at either end, have an ornament in the middle and leave some space on either side.

Use mirrors

This is the oldest trick in the book and it still works.  Adding a mirror to a wall makes the room seem much bigger and reflects light around it.  You can even use mirrored furniture in the same way such as a mirror top coffee table or a chest of drawers with mirrors on the front.

Whatever room you are decorating in your home, the flooring is often the key to bringing the whole look together. For the best carpets and flooring at discount prices visit Adamms Carpet Warehouse in North Shields for the biggest and best choice in the North!