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Summer is a great time for updating your home and doing some decorating.  Sunshine makes us all full of energy and the warmth makes paint and wallpaper dry quicker!  If you are looking for some inspiration for your summer projects, here are some of the big interior trends for the season.

Handmade touches

Introducing handmade touches to your room is a big trend and one that can be interpreted in lots of ways.  You can go for actual, one of a kind handmade items or you can go for unusual items that have the handmade vibe to them.  This could be anything from macramé, fringes or tassels through to unusual materials such as seagrass carpets or handwoven throws.  The aim is to add texture and something unique to a room.

Ice cream colours

This one sounds funny but what is really means is those bright pastel shades that you often see in the ice cream range at the supermarket – mint greens, raspberry pink, sherbet orange and soft blues.  These are the shades that stand between full primary colours and very gentle pastel shades and are a big hit this year.  Don’t be afraid to use a mixed ice cream palette either – think of those Neapolitan ice creams or mint chocolate chip!

Geometric patterns

Geometric patterns have been on trend for a little while now and show no sign of going away.  They are easy to work with too because there are so many types.  You can do anything from a geometric shaped print on the wall or a wallpaper with a geometric pattern through to carpets with bold geometric shapes and colours.


Houseplants aren’t a new idea, but they have become more popular as people realise the benefits they can bring as well as looking great.  Hanging plants on shelves and mantlepieces, leafy plants with a little height for corner tables and even rugs that have a natural leaf pattern to them are all ways to get into the trend.

Ombre looks

Ombre looks have been big in clothing and are now spreading to interiors.  The phrase means ‘to shade’ and can be used on everything from cushions and bedding to lampshades, rugs and even wallpaper.  You can use shades of one colour that blend from one to another or even more contrasting shades.  Ombre looks also work well when you throw in some patterns.

Metallic gold

Bright metallic gold is a big trend for this spring and summer, following on from the metallic trend of last year.  Gold is softer than silver and has a decadence and elegance to it that comes from its association with the precious metal.  You don’t have to overdo it either – well-placed accessories can bring in the trend without going too far into it.

Shimmer floors

The latest flooring trend is shimmer carpets.  These have an iridescent finish to them that catches and bounces the light perfectly and work well with shimmer wallpapers and paint effects.  Blush rose is a popular shade that works with grey and pale blues or lilac tones to give a sophisticated look to a room.