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With Christmas now only weeks away (how did that happen?) and Halloween is over, it is time to take a look around your home and ask – is your home ready for Christmas?

Spruce up for Christmas

If you are a host or hostess for a party, gathering or even Christmas dinner this year you will want your home to look its best, even if its just for your family. Christmas is always a special point in the year and we love decorating our home with festive colours and making sure it looks lovely for our family and friends. Perhaps the guest bedroom needs an update, the kitchen could do with a new look or the dining room needs to look amazing for Christmas Day – here are some great ways to update your home before Christmas:

Festive Guests are Welcome Here

Do you have out of town guests, family from abroad or friends who love to visit you over the holidays and need a place to stay? That’s wonderful, but what if you guest bedroom isn’t ready for guests? The you need an update, often a clean new carpet, and some new bed linen and curtains are all that is needed to make your gust bedroom go from unwelcoming to inviting in no time.

Christmas Magic in the Kitchen

It is true that the kitchen gets a massive work out over the festive period, from making finger food, to brunch, to the full 3 course (or more) Christmas lunch. Because so many people will be in and out of your kitchen you want it to look its best. Our quick update tips for the kitchen are quite simple, if needed paint the kitchen doors a different colour, this will make them look new and fresh. Add lots of plants into the kitchen, botanicals are a big trend at the moment and the create added interest into any room (plus you can add fairy lights at Christmas which looks lovely) and they don’t have to be real – this keeps your watering schedule really simple! One of the biggest changes to the kitchen you can make before Christmas is to update the kitchen floor. There are some really lovely vinyl flooring options available both in natural looking prints and modern graphic prints. Updating your kitchen floor for Christmas will show you have made a real effort to make your kitchen Christmas ready.

Delicious Dining Room

Does your dining room need a bit of extra sparkle to be ready to accommodate hungry guests over the Christmas period? If so then we have a few ideas for you. Firstly, take a look at the floor, do you have a stained or threadbare carpet or some old wood floors that looks scuffed and past its best? If so get some great laminate or hardwood floor in there before your guests arrive. Smart clean, stain free flooring always gives a room a boost. If you have an old table and want to replace it – great – if not then get a lovely new tablecloth to add some festive cheer.

Is your home ready for Christmas?

So, if you have decided to update your home to make it extra special or are just using this point in the year to get a few jobs finished that have been lurking around your home for a while then this is the time to get it done. Updating the flooring in some of the rooms in your home will make a huge difference to the way your home looks and feels and your guests will appreciate the hard work you have put in. Getting your home ready for the Christmas rush also does not have to be expensive, visit Adamms carpet warehouse in North Shields to find the best quality flooring at the cheapest prices anywhere.