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Whether you are looking for a new carpet for your living room, or a change for a kid’s bedroom, new carpets can make a huge difference to the look and feel of any room. One of the most popular colours for carpets at the moment is grey, known now as a new neutral, grey carpets are being fitted in homes across North Tyneside.

New Home Carpets

If you have just moved into a new home and want to replace someone else’s taste in carpets or you have lived in your home for years and have been planning a change the team at Adamms carpets can provide as much help as you need to get you the perfect carpet at the best price.

Adamms offers a range of services including measuring up, delivery and fitting – but many of our customers want to measure up themselves and then call us to find a carpet to fit at a price they want to pay. Often customers like to measure up just so they have an idea of the size of their room to help with their budgeting and then get the team from Adamms in to confirm and quote.

Carpet Deals & Discounts

Adamms offers great deals on offcuts and carpet remnants and can order in any designer carpet at unbeatable prices. The North Tyneside carpet warehouse has thousands of rolls in stock ready to pick up today for those who like to lay their carpets themselves. Adamms also offers full house deals and landlord packages to ensure you can great carpets at discount prices.

Measuring for Carpet

Here is a step by step guide on how to measure your room for carpet:

Step 1: Draw a diagram of your home showing all the rooms you wish to have carpeted, make separate drawings for different levels of the house if necessary.

Step 2: Measure each room using a standard tape measure, starting with the length of the room first.

Step 3: Double check your measurements, or better still have someone else double check them for you. Write your measurements onto your diagram.

Step 4: List your measurements and tally them up. Multiply the length by the width and this will give you the total square footage, or meterage, you will require for your carpets. If you are looking for different styles in each room, calculate the square footage separately for each carpet.

Step 5: Calculate your price by using your measurements against the prices in our showroom – feel free to ask one of our sales assistants for help when calculating the price.

Hopefully this step by step carpet measuring guide will help you make sure you get the right size carpet, at the best price for your home. Let us know if you have any questions.