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Images of interiors are huge on Instagram and one of the big trends of the moment is Nature. From including terrariums, palm trees or large plant prints on the walls (or even as wallpaper) nature imagery is included across the most popular feeds.

Botanical prints are popular in some of the trendiest bars and restaurants in the UK so it is no wonder this plant based theme is running into peoples homes. Along with a resurgence in the popularity of etymology and butterfly pinning, a general harking back to the Victorians and their love of nature, blending in a very modern way is the unexpected interiors hit of recent years.

Green furniture (especially beds and sofa’s) are popular (especially in velvet) as is bamboo furniture and a real understanding of how to make the home sustainable is featuring more and more in homeowner choices and how they decorate to reflect who they are.

Trending Interiors

Interior design and decoration loves a good trend, and homeowners love a trend that sticks around for a while. Changing your entire décor around a theme or trend can be expensive if the trend turns into a fad and is over quickly. Homeowners when looking for a new idea for a room tend to wait until they know a trend has longevity before spending money on their homes.

Quick Changes vs Redecoration

A cushion, a candle, a new pot plant are easily changed items and are relatively inexpensive, while if you are considering a new colour or wallpaper on your walls or a change in furniture or flooring these can be more expensive so you want to get it right as you may be living with that decision for some time. You can test the waters with a nature theme by buying some accessories

Natural Flooring Options

Having a nature inspired interiors theme in your home often starts with the floor. Picking a carpet with floral motifs, a rich green carpet, warm tones in wood flooring or reflecting stone in vinyl are all options to be considered. There are also carpets made from natural materials, sisal and jute can be used to create natural looking carpets and of course wool is the classic material to make carpets out of it, and it comes in a huge range of colours and patterns.

Patterned carpets that show beautiful natural scenes like leaves, flowers, animal prints and other nature motifs are very popular. Trendy carpet brand Alternative Flooring embrace nature in some of their most popular carpet patterns and Brinton’s teamed up with designers Timorous Beasties o create carpets that include stylish patterns that include butterflies!

Vinyl Flooring & Nature

Vinyl flooring has long been known for mimicking natural stone, and marble, often being popular instead of slate or ceramic tiles. This is still true today but with the advent in printing technologies the vinyl floor imagery used to mimic nature is simply stunning. Also offered are more complicated pictures like pebbles or even sand.

If you want a natural feel to your home then starting with the floor is a great way to go and you won’t find the flooring you are looking for cheaper than at Adamms’ Flooring warehouse in North Shields.