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If you are looking into your spare room, which has simply become a room to place (dump!) all the things that you haven’t yet found a home for, boxes that you have not unpacked since you moved in 5 years ago or is home to old mismatched furniture that has been moved in as you have updated the rest of your home perhaps it is time for an update.

Spare Room Options

Having a spare room in your home comes with so many options on what to do with it, so here are a few different ways you can use the space.

Guest Bedroom – An obvious choice if you often have visitors and want to offer them a place to sleep that isn’t the sofa bed or air mattress that you have been using. A lovely guest bedroom with a soft carpet, comfy bed and unique decorations will make your guests feel welcome and wanted. With clever planning the spare room can also have a lot of hidden storage so you can finally unpack all those boxes or have a place to store sports equipment or out of season clothing.

A Home Office – If you are a home worker it is so much nicer to have a place away from the rest of your normal family life to retreat to and work in. Laminate flooring with a nice comfy rug under your desk will make you want to work everyday and not get distracted by the pile of washing near the kitchen table where you used to work. Even if you don’t work from home a space for a desk and all the family paperwork is something many people strive for and a spare room can be that place. With a comfy chair it can be a great place for kids to do homework, play computer games or an oasis for you to get started on writing that novel in your spare time.

A Dressing Room – Sometimes one wardrobe and a small chest of drawers in a bedroom is just not enough space for all our clothes, shoes, hats, bags, jewellery and other dressing items. For those of us who dream of a walk-in wardrobe but there is no space to have one, turning that unused spare room into a well organised dressing room is a dream that can come true.

A Library – Relaxing in comfy armchairs with all our books in beautiful bookcases surrounding us is something many people really want and appreciate in their homes. An oasis away from the family or even a place for all the family to congregate with a kids area to share the love of books together. The spare room can be transformed into a library for the whole family to enjoy or perhaps only for the adults with a glass of wine after the kids have gone to bed.

A Craft Room – Do you have a crafting passion, are you a sewer, a knitter or an avid card maker, perhaps you like to try lots of different crafts, but the dining room table is simply not big enough or has no space for your creative creations. Then the spare room can house all your craft supplies and have the space you need to indulge in your passions. Whether that is felt craft, card craft, or creating art the spare room can accommodate all this and more.

Spare Room Flooring

Spare rooms offer the opportunity to make your home more suitable for your needs and create amazing spaces you will love to use. If you are redecorating to create such a space remember to get advice from the flooring experts at Adamms to find flooring that will work in that room at the cheapest possible price to leave more money to create the perfect space.