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In the drive to find more sustainable and eco-friendly carpets, many different types of carpeting materials have arrived in stores.  One of them is called seagrass carpets – but what are they and where can you use them?

What are seagrass carpets?

Seagrass is made by weaving a yarn that is spun from leaves of the seagrass plant.  This is found in many shallow coastal areas around the world and isn’t actually a grass but has long, flat leaves that look like blades of grass – hence the name.

Seagrass appears in temperate coastal shallow waters around the world and was used as a material to insulate homes right until the early 1900s.  They have air holes in the blades that make them great for this and also to keep heat and sound in.  Some areas of Europe even used them for thatching homes.

Seagrass carpets are made from the woven seagrass blades and then backed with latex to keep the product together and use natural materials.  It comes in a range of patterns and in either fine or coarse weaves.  It only comes in the natural colour however which is either a greenish or gold shade depending on the time of harvest.

Benefits of seagrass carpets

One of the big benefits of seagrass carpets is that they are sustainable.  Because seagrass grows in many places and is easy to replace, this means it has impressive sustainable credentials.  This makes it popular if you are concerned about the environmental impact your home has.  It is also a relatively new material for carpets so there’s that ‘something different’ element to it.

Another benefit is that seagrass is a natural material.  If you are susceptible to chemicals or simply don’t want them in your home, these carpets are free from all treatments.  This also makes them great if you suffer from allergies due to chemical treatments.

Seagrass carpets are also very durable, and this means they will last a good amount of time.  Their rigid material means they can work in high traffic areas and won’t stain or discolour.  This also means they last a lot longer than other types of carpet, making them good value for money.

Where to use seagrass carpets

That durable and rigid nature means that seagrass carpets can work in most areas of the home.  there are a couple of things to consider though;

  • Avoid castors such as office chairs as these can dig into the carpet and damage it – use chair mats if you want a seagrass carpet in your home office
  • You may want to use castor cups for furniture like sofas and dining room tables and chairs for the same reason
  • Seagrass does have a natural oil in it, so the carpet might not be ideal on stairs

Seagrass tends to be naturally stain resistant because it has a hard, waxy surface.  It is relatively resistant to moisture, although not entirely water resistant so can work in areas where there are frequent stains or some moisture such as porches.