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Beige, really beige? For years we have been trying to bring more colour into our homes and now it seems that the newest trend on the interiors block is back to basics beige! In one way that’s great news for flooring as having a neutral carpet has long been a staple in many homes, so that the walls can change colour while the carpet remains.

And that makes sense as if you purchase a flooring it is often a bigger purchase than a can of paint to follow the latest colour trend. So, if beige is back then bring on the beige carpets to follow! Although its not just beige that is back, it is, of course, not quite as simple as that!

Interior trends tend to reflect the mood of the nation’s homeowners and the colour guru’s at Dulux have proclaimed the colour for 2019 is Spiced Honey (or warm beige!). This is not just about beige, it is about warm tones in muted colours that match with the trend colours that have gone before. So matching warm, soft creams with either grey or pink works very well, or using darker tones like mustard, navy or plum against a spiced cream colour is the way forward in trend terms.

The great thing about this trend it that it lets you have a neutral carpet and be on trend at the same time! Carpets are meant to last, although there is a new colour of the year, each and every year, changing your flooring on an annual basis is not something that most people’s wallets can stretch to. So, win on the neutral base for your room, and then as the trend morphs and changes over the next few years a few cans of paint can update your room while your carpet stays happily neutral and able to blend in with whatever comes next.

So here are a few of our choices for carpets that can meet the needs of this years ‘Spiced Honey’ trend while remaining robust enough to absorb any future trends too:

Japanese Sun by Brintons

This is a great wool carpet that has a neutral spiced honey feel to it, a great quality carpet in a colour that will resonate with all your future colours to come.

Sisal Malay Dragon Grass by Alternative Flooring

Alternative Flooring may be known for their amazing bright and patterned designs, but they have a stunning range of neutral and natural carpets and we see the nature trend holding strong for years to come so this Sisal Malay Dragon Grass carpet is a wonderful neutral for any room, adding a natural touch and warmth to the space.

Sharp Stars by Axminster Carpets in Butterscotch White

Pink has been a trend for a good few years now and still shows no signs of slowing so, if you love pink but want to embrace the future trends consider this stunning carpet from Axminster Carpets. A smart, sharp modern pattern in a great muted pink will blend well with spiced tones, and darker shades of beige.

Dimensions Heathers in Sweet Plum by Brockway Carpets

As pink has been so prevent and ultraviolet was a colour of the year from Pantone in 2018, we think the rise of purple is still to be seen. So, a soft dark plum, with shades of dark blue can work wonders with a warm honey beige in any room.

Your flooring will help define the colour and feel of your home so visit Adamms Carpets to see the enormous range of colours, patterns and styles of offer and let our team help you pick the perfect flooring for your home.