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Trends come and go but there are some patterns and ideas that are always popular when it comes to interiors.  Florals, in their many and varied application are always popular and when it comes to interior decoration flowers, and floral motifs are used in everything from carpets to bedding, curtains to cushions and shows no signs of slowing.  Florals have always been popular as they are able to adapt in style, shape and colour to the current fashion trends.

Always on Trend

It is true that florals aren’t for everyone – some people go a little pale at the idea of adding floral prints into their homes.  Or they think that a single ornamental flower in a vase on the mantlepiece is just enough of the whole floral thing.  Then there’s the other end of the scale – the floral fanatics who can’t bear to see a wall or a piece of furniture without a flower decoration.

Most of us fall somewhere in the middle.  There’s the knowledge that florals are always popular and the urge to dabble without making the house look like an overgrown conservatory.  That’s why florals are always on trend – there are so many variations to suit every taste.

Dabbling in florals

If you have never tried your hand at the trend before but fancy dabbling in florals, there are lots of great ideas how to do it without getting too excited about the idea.

The bedroom is a popular spot for florals.  Bedding with bold floral patterns can work well in an otherwise plain room, adding that eye-catching centrepiece to the space.  Or you can go for a smaller, more delicate pattern that is in the bedding and also mirrored in soft furnishings like curtains or a rug on the floor.

Floral patterns as a feature wall take a little more adapting to but can work well.  The tip here is to go with patterns that are big and choose a smaller wall so that the effect isn’t overwhelming.  And balance it with ‘negative space’ around it which means white or neutral walls that complement the colour scheme but don’t have much colour or pattern to them.

Botanical Interiors

A newer off-shoot of the floral trend is known as botanic looks and focuses more on the greenery than the actual colourful flowers.  This is a great trend to bring into any room of the house and can be enhanced with the use of natural flooring materials such as seagrass carpets or bamboo wood floors.

Another way of using this trend is to bring living plants into the rooms.  The natural world in the house has benefits both for the look and feel of the room and also the natural oxygen benefits that they bring.

A touch of florals

If you like the idea of florals but aren’t sure about decorating with them, you can always add them in other ways.  In the kitchen, for instance, you can use floral pattern crockery to dress up your dining room table with floral patterns.  Add a centrepiece of real flowers that match up and you have a very pretty, floral themed table display for a special meal or occasion.

You could do something similar with stationery and other lifestyle items in other rooms of the house.  Pick things that have floral patterns and display them as practical ornaments to bring the floral look without the need to redecorate.