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Striped carpets are a mainstay of UK homes, they come in a great range of styles, colours and striped patterns. Suitable for any room in the home, but especially popular in staircases and hallways striped carpets remain one of the most popular patterned carpets we have in our homes.

Why choose a striped carpet?

There are two main types of striped carpets to choose from, a neutral based striped carpet or a bright showstopper striped carpet, both can be used in the home depending on the look you are going for. Neutral striped carpets are used very much as a base to the home, a neutral carpet that can be matched with different decorating styles over the years, many striped carpets come in soft beige, browns and dark blues and greens making them as flexible as a plain carpet with the added interest of being striped. The other benefit of a striped (or any patterned carpet) over a plain carpet is that it does hide any stains better and looks more interesting to the eye than one plain all over colour.

Showstopping striped carpets make an impact in your home and you often have to decorate to support a bright striped carpet rather than the other way around. Often having strong contrasting colours, bright striped carpets or contrasting stripes (not necessarily in bright colours) will have an impact in your home immediately.

5 Striped Carpets we love

Here are five examples of the different types of striped carpets you could choose for your home.

  1. Colourful without being to intrusive the Margo Selby Stripe Sun Seasalter Carpet by Alternative Flooring is one of our favourite striped carpets as it combines the very on trend colours of grey and yellow in a thin stripe (thicker stripes also available) for a great striped carpet that can also be used as a neutral.
  2. Mandarin Cord by Brintons is a great striped carpet that can be used throughout the home and because of its soft colouring it can be used as a neutral anywhere you choose. This carpet is part of Brintons Pure Living range and will stand the test of time.
  3. A very British carpet by Brintons, if you are looking for that Carnaby Street vibe for a great colourful striped carpet for your home then Carnaby by Brintons is the one for you. Royal blue, red and white in 100% wool for a trendy carpet with a luxury feel.
  4. Another great striped carpet by Alternative Flooring is their wool Rock ‘n’ Roll range, skinny stripes in a range of colours (including Black & White – perfect for our local Newcastle fans!). But out favourite colourway for this range is Kiss, pinks, reds & greys, for those who want to make a statement this carpet is vibrant and will look stunning in any room.
  5. Simple but effective is the Eton Striped Carpet by Gaskell MacKay. Only two colours a plain carpet with a contrasting stripe running through it makes this carpet easy to love. The range is called Metro Stripe and this style is available in 8 colours, a range of great neutrals and this one called Eton in a great purple.

Get the best price on Striped Carpets

Wherever you have decided to use your striped carpet, be it in the hallway, the living room or a bedroom you will always get the best price on any carpet from Adamms Carpets in North Shields. We have a massive warehouse with a huge range of in stock striped carpets ready for you to take away or be delivered, or we can order any striped carpet in for you at the best price possible.