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One of the big trends for the last couple of years in interiors has been the safari look.  With its animal prints, exotic plant patterns and natural colour palette, it is one that is going to keep being popular into next year.  And we love it!  Here’s a few examples of why.

You can use it in minimalist rooms

At first glance, the safari trends seem very full on, colourful and busy.  But the reality is that you can incorporate just a few elements to bring colour to a room and still have a minimal overall theme if that’s what you prefer.

For example, animal print rugs or a section of carpet works well with a plain wood floor and makes a centre feature to the room.  You can coordinate this with matching cushion covers on the sofa or throw cushions on the bed.  And if you use a brown and cream shades style, you could use the darker shade for a feature wall.

Use the bright motifs as a decorative element

From darting butterflies to colourful tropical flowers, you often see bright motifs as part of the safari trend.  You can take one of those bright motifs and use it as the theme for the room.  Pineapple prints are popular as an example and that bright green shade of the plant top is ideal to use for flooring.

You can also pull the colours for the walls.  Bright yellows are ideal for rooms that need brightening and a zesty orange works great in a kitchen or as a feature wall.  You can even limit the citrus shades to the accessories such as cushions, rugs or even the towels in the bathroom.

Embrace those rich shades

Another side of the safari trend is to mix it with jungle prints and themes with rich and deep shades like aubergine, dark green and even black.  If you love these colourful designs, you can use the darker shades to form a backdrop for more colourful accessories.  And the darker shades can make for quite practical carpet colours – they hide a little more of that dust and debris from people’s feet than lighter, neutral shades!

Again, there are lots of accessories that combine the two trends and have the rich shades.  So if you don’t think full on dark purple walls are your thing, you can use lighter, softer shades and add accessories with the really rich colours in.

Animal prints everywhere

From leopard to tiger to zebra, animal prints are almost everywhere at the moment and this makes them a great way to transform a room and embrace the safari trend.  Animal print rugs are one idea we have mentioned, and you can have entire animal print carpets if you love it.

While many animal prints are the ‘natural’ colours, you can also find them where the base colour is one not seen in nature such as a deep green or a mid-blue.

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