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Ulster Carpets are one of the top producers of quality carpets in the UK and specialise in making luxury carpets including Axminster and Wilton styles.  The company is a global one but has always stuck to the principles on which it was founded and is still based in its original home of Castleisland, County Armagh. The team at Adamms Carpets sell Ulster carpets at the best possible prices to their North Tyneside customers.

Who are Ulster Carpets?

The company was founded in 1938 by George Walter Wilson and is still owned by his family today.  That family business approach with a global outlook is one of the reason’s that the company has become such a success.  Their embracing of the latest in technology and design has also played a big part.

An example of this is the creation of the PSYLO weaving technology which was created in their factory in Ireland and even won the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for its development.  This allows advanced weaving techniques in a traditional style of carpet that further improves the product.

The Ulster Carpet process

The production of high-quality carpet remains a specialist one that few companies can manage to the standard of Ulster Carpets.  They believe that quality flooring isn’t just about the manufacturing but the design and to support that they have a dedicated design team based in Kidderminster who create stunning designs for carpets of all colours and styles.

Another big part of their process is minimalizing the impact that the business has on the environment.  They have an accredited Environmental Management System which has been operating for over a decade and also a Sustainability Policy.  This mean 96% of the post-industrial waste no longer goes to landfill but is recycled or reused.  Aware that many carpets end their lives in a landfill, the company have worked to extend their lifespan with ‘heavy’ or ‘extra heavy wear’ designs to make them last even longer.

Axminster and Wilton

Of the carpet styles that Ulster Carpets produce, two of the most well-known is the Axminster and the Wilton.  But what makes these carpets stand out from the crowd?

Axminster is a style of carpet making where tufts of yarn are inserted at the point of weaving with grippers.  This makes carpets in this style have a very well-defined pattern and this is why most of these carpets have a pattern style to them.

Wilton is one of the oldest types of machine-made carpet weaving.  It has pile threads that run continuously through the carpet and lift above the backing with wires or hooks.  While there is only a limited colour choice with this style, there are lots of different textures that can be made with them.

Why we love Ulster Carpets

Ulster Carpet uses natural and durable wool that is fire safe, easy to clean and non-allergenic.  The woven construction uses the latest innovative design with high tech, ultra-light bac and moth resistant materials.

The company offer products that are extremely durable and have great stability as well as a huge range of different styles and colours to choose from.  These include distinctive designs and contemporary collections as well as sophisticated colours and luxury finishes.