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Vinyl flooring has a justified reputation for being easy to clean and care for and that’s very true.  But there are still some tips to help you clean it in the best way possible o that it stays looking smart for the longest time.

How to Clean Vinyl Flooring

Let’s start with looking at how to clean vinyl tiles and planks because these two products can be cleaned in a very similar way. First make sure you have removed any dirt, debris, hair or fur that might be lying on the surface – a quick pass with the vacuum cleaner is normally enough for this or you can sweep it with a brush.  Use a hard floor setting on the vacuum and don’t use the beater bar as this is for carpets.

Once you have cleared the loose debris, then you’ll need a mop and bucket.  The best type of mop is a microfibre one and check any cleaning products are suitable for vinyl flooring – not all are!  That’s because some contain chemicals that can make the floor slippery.  Avoid wax-based cleaners for the same reason. Start mopping the floor and wring the mop out before each sweep because puddles of water aren’t good for vinyl surfaces.  Don’t over wet the floor and think about drying with a clean, lint-free cloth when you are finished.

Cleaning Vinyl Flooring with Home Made Cleaning Products

With more and more of us becoming more environmentally aware and green conscious many people are making their own cleaning products for vinyl flooring. If you are a fan of making your own cleaning products or reducing the chemicals in use around the house, you can use simple white vinegar mixed with hot water to clean vinyl flooring.

Have a bucket with hot water ready and add some to it.  Have a second bucket with clean hot water to mop the solution up afterwards.  Again, avoid over wetting the floor. We always recommend using a product specifically deigned for vinyl flooring but if you do want to make your own ensure you try it on an inconspicuous place on the vinyl in case there is a bad reaction, or it stains.

Cleaning Stains from Vinyl Flooring

Generally, vinyl flooring is pretty stain proof but there are odd situations where you might find a stain. For a homemade option, baking soda made into a paste with water then applied with a soft white cloth is usually ideal to remove most stains.  If you have tough stains like tomato sauce or wine, one part bleach to four-parts-water may be needed.  Add to the stain, leave for 1 hour then rinse with water and dry.  Repeat as needed until the stain is removed.

If there’s something stuck on the floor like chewing gum or paint, use a plastic scraper to lift it.  Work at an angle so you don’t dig into the vinyl and damage the surface.

Vinyl Flooring Maintenance Tips

Finally, a few other tips to help clean vinyl floors.  Use a map near the entrances to the property to help collect dirt and debris and reduce things like mud being tracked across the floor.  Avoid ones with rubber backing however as these can leave stains on the flooring.

Never use abrasive materials to clean vinyl and if there is a spill, clean it up as quickly as possible. Lastly, use floor protectors on the feet of furniture like chairs and tables and avoid dragging anything across the floor as this could cause damage, especially if you are moving heavy furniture.

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