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When a potential buyer comes to your home, they arrive with a critical eye with one of the vital deciders in their final decision being something easily overlooked, your flooring.  Flooring is important! When you decide to sell your home it is easy to get bogged down with all the details required to be prepared for a home sale and while it’s easy to fix the walls or roof the floor your walking on can be forgotten.

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Having bad flooring can send people away from your home disappointed the same way they will avoid homes with a hole in the roof.  While having clean, fixed flooring will of course help there are certain types of flooring that can help better than others like adding value to your home with laminate flooring.

Why not other flooring?

The best type of flooring can be very specific to the home and the rest of the décor within it so it can feel like an easy decision and a varied one but that is not the case.  It’s not surprising that hardwood flooring is a popular choice for selling a home, in fact most estate agents would agree that a home with hard wood flooring looks better with a 54% increase in interest.  But interest doesn’t necessarily translate into sales, hardwood can turn a cosy room into a hollow sounding room.  Additionally, any families with small children can be put off with a risky hardwood floor along with the negative appearance of a unfinished hardwood floor looking like the house is unfinished.  Laminate flooring is a fantastic middle ground on the idea of a wooden floor.

Avoid multiple flooring types

The context of the room is important, vinyl is popular in bathrooms and kitchens while carpets are popular in bedrooms and living rooms, having a range of different floorings throughout your home can be off putting for a buyer.  You don’t want your buyer to be thinking of how much money will be needed to fix your place, this emboldens them to negotiate this money off your asking price.  Consistency across each room is what matters! In this case a small range of laminate floorings with rugs is a great idea.

Looking after your Laminate Flooring

So whether you already have some in your home or you’ve invested in getting some installed by a professional company you’re going to want to keep it looking its best for every viewing, and they are available right in your home too.  Fortunately, Laminate flooring is fairly low maintenance especially with the use of doormats to keep the worst away from it.  Cleaning products used shouldn’t just be the chemical ones from the manufacturer but also the off the shelf products for the day to day, when the floor gets dirty using a mop or a cloth along with a soft broom for sweeping away rougher items.  Some preventative measures are to put pads below furniture legs, this is to stop the furniture from denting the laminate flooring and leave permanent marks, marks which may be revealed when preparing your home for sale.