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There are lots of things that go into what makes colour trends each year but one of the starting points is the Pantone Colour of the Year.  This is usually one colour that the paint-makers choose as their flagship shade and which is picked up across the interior design world as inspiration.

This year, Pantone decided to choose two shades and both are very interesting to work with around your home.  Ultimate Grey is a classic great shade while Illuminating is a bright sunshine yellow.  So how can you be on-trend and use these around your home?

Using the colours together

Yellow and grey are one of those combinations that can either look great or look a little sickly.  With these two particular shades being bright and clean colours, they can work perfectly and that means you can go for a full room using the two colours.

Depending on how light the room is, you could opt for the grey on the walls and use the yellow on the floor.  You can get carpet in this shade in a variety of styles or even opt for a bright rug against a darker wood floor.

If the room is on the dark side, you could switch it up and put the yellow on some or all of the walls.  For the flooring, you can often find grey laminate flooring or go for a luxurious carpet in shades of grey to complete the look.

Patterns with the colours

These two shades both work in a variety of patterns, either with similar shades or even with each other.  Geometric patterns are particularly effective if you want to use both shades with something like a chevron pattern working well either on furniture or on flooring.  It makes a stunning rug!

You could also go artistic and paint some blocks of the colours on the walls.  Use grey as the base colour and add some squares, diamonds or other shades to the walls.  Pair this with simple wood flooring.

Accenting with the shades

Now not everyone will want to embrace these colours as a pair but that doesn’t mean you can’t embrace the trend of using them in subtle ways.  One of the easiest things to do is to use yellow as an accent colour against the grey walls of the room.

Cushions, throws and rugs are all ideal in this bright yellow shade and work well against dark furniture in grey and dark wood or laminate flooring.  If you only want to use the grey, then a gry rug against a lighter wood flooring works perfectly.

Embracing the trend

Many interior companies will be embracing the trend of the Colours of the Year so if you want to go with it, there should be plenty of options.  From carpets to coloured laminate flooring, stylish rugs to eye-catching cushions, there will be lots of items in the shops that fit this colour scheme and make it easy to bring the Colours of the Year to your home in a way you love.