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Bedroom Flooring

Bedrooms in modern homes are a reflection of the people who use them. Master bedrooms often long to be Zen like dens with a hotel chic feel, children and teen bedrooms need regular updates to enable the room to grow with the child, and guest bedrooms need to be welcoming and functional with lots of storage for your stuff which no longer fits anywhere else! Extra bedrooms are also increasingly becoming used as home office space, entertainment rooms or playrooms and this means the flooring choices for these bedrooms are increasingly important when considering decorating.

Bedrooms are also no longer simply a place to sleep, bedrooms today need to be multi-functional and carefully planned so that they combine practicality, style and the best use of space. Along with sleeping, your bedroom will most likely also have to accommodate all your clothes and a space for you to get dressed, reading, watching TV, using computers and tablets, listening to music or even working can all happen in the bedroom so it is important when designing your bedroom to think about what will happen there. Flooring in your new bedroom is very important the most popular choice by far in bedrooms is still carpet. Carpets keep a bedroom nice and warm and because most of us do love the feeling of getting out of be in the morning and placing our feet on a nice soft carpet they remain a firm favourite.

If you like the look of wood flooring in a bedroom consider a rug under the bed to add a focal point and to inject that warmth into the room. Carpets in children’s rooms are a great choice as they keep the room warm and come in all sorts of colours and patterns to brighten up a child’s room. Calming colours and warm tones are always a favourite for a nursery for a new member of the family. Blue carpets for a new baby boy and pink carpets for a new baby girls are popular choices in the nursery. Pattered carpets absorb spills better than plain carpets and bright carpets can really liven up a room if you want to keep the walls cream or white for easy cleaning.

Carpets that have favourite cartoons or TV characters are always popular with children however their tastes may change so quickly perhaps picking a plain carpet and then getting a character rug instead is the sensible option. Hardwearing carpets are essential for children’s bedrooms and playrooms to ensure the carpets last through Knight’s battles, tea parties and invading spacemen. Whatever you need for the different bedrooms in your home pop in to see us and we can help you make the perfect choice.

We have a well-stocked warehouse in North Shields just 20 minutes from Newcastle City Centre, and have been supplying carpets to North East homes for 25 years. We will work with your requirements and your budget and can cater to both of these and you will not find your new bedroom carpets cheaper anywhere else. We stock all leading brands at wholesale prices and have a constantly changing selection of end of roll, and off-cuts.