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Wool or Polypropylene Carpets – You Choose

When it comes to choosing the perfect carpet, there are lots of option available to make a decision.  But one of the big ones is whether to go for a wool or polypropylene carpet – a natural or a manmade material.  So how do you make the choice?  And why is it about...

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What you need to know about Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is very popular but if you have never had it laid in your home before you may have a few questions about how to fit it or how to look after it once it is installed. The tram at Adamms Carpets have been selling and installing hardwood flooring for...

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The Underlying Reasons for Underlay

Underlay is something everybody says you need when you buy a new carpet but if you have had a carpet before you may not understand why underlay is such an important part of the carpet buying process. Underlay is in no way as exciting as the flooring you are choosing...

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Pets & Flooring – What Should You Choose

UK families, and the North East in particular, are known as being pet lovers. They are part of the family and are always accommodated in the home. But this does mean, depending on the type of pet that you have that certain considerations have to be made when you are...

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Rugs Can Add Colour to Any Room

If you have a very neutrally decorated home, or you are in rented accommodation and you really want to add some colour and interest to a room then you should get a great pop of colour rug! Did you know we can make any carpet into a rug or runner so just ask! When...

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