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For most rooms of the house, having a hardwood floor isn’t something you need to think about.  It is a great look with tons of practical benefits.  But what about in the bathroom?  Does having hardwood floors in a bathroom work?

Why are hardwood floors so popular?

Let’s start by looking at what makes hardwood floors so popular and how it can help in a bathroom specifically.

Makes a room warmer – One of the most common observations is that hardwood floors make a room feel warmer.  And with bathrooms, this is even more important because we tend to walk around barefoot and may have just stepped out of a hot shower or bath.  The warm tones of the wood also help the room feel warmer.

Enhance the look of the room – This one applies to any room of the house – this type of flooring enhances the look of the room and makes it feel more unique and special.  That’s because hardwood floors are unique themselves, every grain of the wood is a little different to the next.

Long-lasting options – When you buy flooring, the idea is to get as long as time out of it as possible.  With hardwood floors, this can be 25 years or even more if it is looked after in the right way.  Only stone or ceramic tiles will outlast it, and these don’t have the warmth.

What are the issues with hardwood floors in bathrooms?

While the positives are clear, there are also a couple of issues to consider when thinking about adding hardwood floors to your bathroom.

Water splashes – No matter how hard we try, water splashes from the bath, sink and shower and comes into contact with the floor.  This might seem like an issue with wood that can absorb the water and then become swollen with it.  But modern hardwood floors have a protective coating on them to help stop this – you just need to mop up spills when they happen.

Moisture issues – A more subtle problem is the issue of moisture in a bathroom.  The room warms up when the shower or bath runs and moisture droplets form.  Then they hit cold surfaces like walls and floors and release the water.  This can lead to damp problems.  But the trick is to use adhesive or click-together flooring options as these won’t have gaps that moisture can build up in.

Bath product stains – Most of us love bath products from nice smelling shower gel to bath bombs.  But if these hit the floor, there’s the chance it can stain them.  The solution is like puddles of water – clean them up quickly and the protective layer will do the rest.

A great bathroom floor option

There’s no reason why hardwood floors can’t be a great bathroom floor option.  With the right protective coating, these flooring styles can be water-resistant and easy to clean as well as sealed against water spills and moisture.  Just make sure you get the right hardwood flooring for the job.

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