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Carpet is a great floor covering for so many places, it covers a multitude of sins and makes the most uncomfortable of spaces seem soft and welcoming. This is why so many homes and businesses want to cover concrete floors with carpet.Carpet provides elegance, warmth and comfort but can be complicated to lay directly over concrete because of the potential moisture underneath. He’s what you need to know if you plan on laying a carpet over a concrete floor.

Carpet on Concrete Challenges

One of the biggest challenges in laying carpet on concrete is the degree of moisture that your carpet might be exposed too. As well as potentially absorbing moisture from underneath, if the air is humid the carpet could be exposed to additional pockets of dampness which could rot your carpet quickly.

The type of materials you choose for your carpet will help to determine how well it can withstand any moisture, which in turn will give you an idea how long it will last. As a general rule synthetic carpets are a better choice because the overall uptake of moisture is less than with carpets made from natural fibres. Synthetic fibres are also more likely to be able to withstand much harsher cleaning products. So, if there is a mishap cleaning is easy.

Carpet Backing is Important

You may have never before considered the backing of the carpet in any detail but it’s an integral factor which makes a big difference on a concrete flooring. Making sure that the backing is synthetic is absolutely imperative if you plan on laying directly onto concrete. This is because the backing will lie directly next to the concrete and is far more likely to be exposed to moisture. A fibre which is full of moisture and made from natural fibres could very quickly succumb to mould or mildew.

Good Underlay is Essential

In many cases, a foam underlay may be chosen because it’s cheap, versatile and in abundance. The problem is that foam is porous and when placed next to a material which is prone to dampness, it can quickly become wet and rot. This can then transfer to the carpet or other flooring, causing it to also degrade.

If you have a concrete floor you will need an underlay which is anti-bacterial and made from rubber. Not all types of underlay will cope well with constantly being rubbed up against concrete so you may want to seek advice from carpet fitting experts before purchasing.

Carpet on Concrete is Possible

Typically, a carpet is held in place around the edges with strips which are adhered firmly to the floor. While this is also the case for concrete floors, it may be possible that this isn’t sufficient. This is because the carpet will almost imperceptibly still shift and move, and with such an abrasive surface underneath, the backing can be eroded. You may therefore find that it’s better to choose a carpet which can be glued directly to the flooring to prevent any kind of movement at all.

With the right carpet and underlay, there’s no reason why it can’t be laid on a concrete floor and last for many years. Come and visit us at our Carpet Warehouse in North Shields for advice and unbeatable prices on Carpets and other flooring.