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We have all been home a lot more than we ever expected in the last few months. So now might be the time that you want to upgrade your home and make it feel as cosy as possible. The team at Adamms Carpet warehouse in North shields can help you find the perfect flooring for you home at the best possible price.

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No matter what the weather is doing outside, you want to come into your home and feel cosy and comfortable. When it comes to flooring, the best way to do that is with carpets – but which ones? Let’s look at the best carpets to make your home feel cosy while still being stylish and looking great.

Bold stripes in a living room

Striped carpets have been around for a long time but there’s a new appreciation of them. They have the ability to work in almost any property from a period home to a modern house. The idea is to have the stripes running across the whole room, often at the widest part as it gives the impression of space.

This type of carpet pairs well with plain walls and plain furniture. You can use the strongest colour from the stripes for the accent colour for the room. By getting the right carpet material, the room looks stylish but is also softer underfoot while still handling the demands of the living room.

Neutral carpets in the bedroom

In the bedroom, while colour isn’t the enemy, there’s a preference for neutral carpets. The colour can be used as an accent on a wall and in accessories while keeping the flooring a little more understated.

Plus, because it is the bedroom, you can go for a thicker pile and that super cosy feeling you get when walking on it. These aren’t high traffic areas, unless the bedroom is for a child, so you can get a softer, more luxurious carpet than would work in other rooms.

Bright carpets for the kitchen

Kitchen carpets are a speciality area and are very clever. They use man-made materials and coatings to make them water repellent and waterproof, stain-resistant and easy to clean.

You can also go for bright colours in the kitchen. If the kitchen is naturally a bit darker, then a brighter colour can lighten it. And if the kitchen gets plenty of light, then a bright carpet can be a stronger shade and still not make the room feel dark.

Layer carpets and rugs for added texture

In many rooms of the house, you can easily layer carpets with rugs for extra texture and to make the room feel even cosier. Contrasting the two works well – a plain carpet with a patterned rug or a plain rug with a patterned carpet.

Think about how much foot traffic the room gets when picking the two. Areas such as the living room will want sturdier carpets to withstand frequent use. Spots like bedrooms may be a bit more flexible.

Don’t discount the classics

If you aren’t sure what kind of carpet to go for, then stick with the classics. Wool carpets or blended ones with man-made materials are durable and feel nice on the feet while still giving that cosy feeling that only carpet does. Look at classic patterns too such as plaid, repeat small patterns such as fleur-de-lis and simple, plain carpets.