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The popularity of having a cinema room in your own home has been growing in popularity for years, but with the Covid lockdowns and more of us subscribing to streaming services these rooms are set to boom!

Size doesn’t really matter with a movie room and with some clever use of space, there’s no reason an ordinary room can’t be transformed into a TV haven.

Acoustics in your Cinema Room

If you go to a store selling good quality sound equipment, you will often notice they take you out to a room on your own to listen to the effects of the gear. This is because the room is set up for the perfect acoustics. While you can’t change the room in your home much to mimic this setup, you can use it as inspiration. For example, ceiling tiles are perfect for a movie room – you’ll see them in use in cinemas.  These can easily be added below a normal ceiling or in place of one and helps massively with sound retention.  You can also add the wiring for the speaker systems above the ceiling tiles and still get access to them.

Cinema Room Flooring

There are other ways you can make the room a perfect movie room with very little effort.  Take the flooring for example – never have wood, tiles, or vinyl flooring in your movie room.  Think of the cinema where you will see a nice, plush carpet. Aim for the same in your movie room because this helps with the acoustics and makes the room warm and comfortable. You can choose from the traditional wine-red coloured carpets or go for something modern and light, or be very practical and choose an off-white carpet to help make it easy to get around the room and to make the room seem bigger.

Cinema Room Interiors

For the windows, it is ideal to have blackout curtains or blinds on them to make sure as little light gets into the room as possible.  Light spoils the effect of the big TV screen so take measures to cut it out while you are watching something. Even the colours of the room can make a difference.  Dark walls and ceilings don’t normally make for the most welcoming spaces but are ideal for a TV room.

Furnishings & Accessories

The furniture is important to finish the room.  Obviously, you want something that is comfortable and relaxing, so you feel like you are at the cinema.  You can get real cinema-style chairs or just go for really comfortable sofas or reclining chairs.

Carpets North Shields

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