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A child’s bedroom is more than just a place to sleep – it’s the environment that generates creativity, allows them to explore their emotions, promotes their wellbeing and, with any luck, they do some sleeping there too!

Bedrooms for children are really a multi-purpose space and need to reflect the diverse set of needs that any child has. They are also tough environments: kids are not known for being gentle with their toys, or their furnishings, so flooring for a child’s room needs to balance comfort with durability, creativity with practicality. For all these reasons, choosing a carpet or rug for a child’s room can be complicated.

Here are tips from our Newcastle carpet specialists, for success in choosing the perfect carpet for your little – or not so little – ones.

Custom designed carpets and rugs for a child’s bedroom

We all want the best for our children, bedrooms are a way of expressing a child’s personality and encouraging their development. A custom-designed carpet is an ideal way of setting the tone for your child’s room. Adamms carpets Newcastle offers a full custom carpet design service for any size room and for custom rugs as well.

Practical considerations when choosing a child’s carpet or rug

Spills are notorious in children’s rooms, so a stain resistant carpet or rug is a great idea.

The denser the carpet pile the better, as this means that the carpet will resist wear and keep dirt and debris on the carpet surface rather than allowing it to fall down to the carpet backing where it can difficult to remain and may even trigger allergies and reactions. Carpet density is measured in thickness of tuft, not height, so bend the sample – the more backing you can see when you fold the carpet in two, the less dense it is.

Recognising how the child may use the room is also vital – where building blocks or cars are a large feature of playtime, a low-height pile is best … tall pile is really tricky for budding engineers and inhibits the speed that racing car drivers can attain!

For would-be acrobats, cheerleaders and martial artists a tall pile may be a better choice – practising physical skills is a crucial component of childhood development and is much more comfortable if you have a nice soft carpet to catch you if you fall.

Carpets and rugs – creative spaces for children

We’ve all seen those road map rugs that small boys delight in, pushing toy cars around the ‘roads. There are train-based carpets too, and constellations, Winnie the Pooh based rugs and jungle themed carpeting. Princess rugs, alphabet carpets and even superhero themed carpeting abound.

Any of these may be the ideal choice for your child’s room, or you may decide to custom design a carpet or rug that specifically appeals to your child and stimulates their play activity.

Whatever you decide, remember that once you have the right flooring, the rest of your child’s room is likely to emerge naturally, literally from the ground up, so take your time to find, or custom design, just the right carpet for you and your child.