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For a while there, during lockdown, decorating the guest bedroom wasn’t a big priority.  After all, you couldn’t have guests so there was no-one to use it!  But now we are post-Lockdown, attention can turn back to that bedroom and planning for what to do can start.

How to create a pleasant environment

When decorating any room, it is always an idea to think about the overall environment you are creating.  For example, with a spare bedroom, you want to create a space that is clean, fresh and also feels cool.  Ideally, this would be 16-21 degrees.

Also being a bedroom, you want to ensure guests can make the room as dark as possible at night.  Blackout curtains or blinds can be a good solution, especially if the room sees early morning sunshine.

Use neutrals as the base

There’s nothing wrong with colour in a guest bedroom but it is always good to go with neutrals as the base of the colour scheme.  This makes for that relaxing environment but also, not everyone loves bold colours and loud shades.  By using colour in a subtle way, you can create a room that looks stunning but is also welcoming to guests.

Grey shades are another type of neutral that work well for a guest bedroom.  These shades can range from almost white to a solid grey shade and work well with white and black.  The effect is very modern and sleek.

Create layers for comfort

You probably know how everyone in your house sleeps, whether that is under a pile of covers even in summer or under a thin sheet even in winter.  But with guests, you won’t have this knowledge so creating layers is a good idea.

That might mean adding different bedding elements to make it comfortable.  A sheet or two topped with a normal quilt can be a good idea then people can use what they need and remove what they don’t.

Add little comfortable touches

You always want guests to feel comfortable and there are lots of little touches you can use to do this.  One simple example is a rug that covers the floor beside the bed, so they don’t put bare feet onto a cold floor.

Other examples could be a bedside lamp for night-time reading or a few spares in the bathroom in case they forgot anything.  A universal phone charger by the bed is always welcome and even leave a magazine or a couple of books lying around in case they want to read.

Don’t overfill the room

There’s a good chance that your guest bedroom isn’t the biggest bedroom in the house, so it is important to prioritise what goes into it.  The bed is key as is somewhere to keep clothes and a bedside table or two.  But try to keep the amount of furniture in the room to a minimum to avoid it feeling cluttered or awkward to move around in.  Less is definitely more in the guest bedroom situation!

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