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2020 may be heading towards the end but the Colour of the Year from Pantone is one of those shades that may just stick with us for much longer.  Classic Blue is one of those colours that at first may seem a little dark, a little deep for most people.  But as the year has shown, there’s huge potential for it.

What is Classic Blue?

Understanding Classic Blue can help you see why it is a colour that is going to remain popular, even once it has lost the status of Colour of the Year.  It is a shade of dark blue that sits somewhere between royal blue and navy so there’s enough colour to see the blue, but it isn’t anything like a light or pale shade.

Some people call it the colour of the sky at dusk.  Whatever you call it, it is a very natural shade.  The deep ocean, the evening sky, even the shade of a wide river in the centre, it is a colour we see in nature all the time. So, if you are a fan of using natural colours but want to step away from classic greens and browns, this is one to consider.

Using Classic Blue in your home

For some people, Classic Blue is going to be a little on the dark side.  And that’s okay, it isn’t to everyone’s taste.  But if you like the shade but aren’t sure how to use it in your home, here are some simple suggestions.

Paired with wood floors

If you have light or natural coloured wood flooring or laminate, a rug in this shade will work perfectly.  The room will seem warmer with the shade of the flooring while the blue will bring a great contrast.  You could even add a few accessories around the room in the same shade to tie everything together.

Another option is if you have a dark wood floor, you could use the shade as a feature wall colour.  Pair it with a soft grey on the other walls for a textured look that brings out the grain of the hardwood floor.

Used in the kitchen

In the kitchen, this shade will work with white, grey or neutral cupboards perfectly.  It may be a bit overwhelming if you have a very dark grey, navy or black units but with lighter shades, it is great.

Flooring such as vinyl tiles in the Classic Blue shade would be perfect for these rooms.  Or you could go for a pattern that uses the blue with something like white for a modern and interesting look.

Accent your rooms

If nothing else, Classic Blue is a perfect accent colour.  From lamps to cushions and throws, curtains or blinds, there are loads of ways to use the colour in a room while keeping it light and airy.  You can even pair it with other, lighter shades of blue to create that blue monochrome effect.

Get creative and see what new ways you can use the shade, even after it is the Colour of the Year!