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Many people in recent years have started keeping house plants in their homes.  There are several benefits to doing so yourself, but when deciding to do so you should consider how your going to have it in your home in regard to the flooring it will be around.

Benefits of having a floor plant

So why would you want a floor plant in your house if they can cause a mess?  Choosing to grow a houseplant in your home can add life to a seemingly sterile room, it has been studied that having a plant in the room can have a soothing quality on the people in it.  There is the aesthetic quality too, with so many different species there’s one for every style of room.  Depending on the look your going for in the room a plant can enhance your other furniture items, thereby bringing the whole room together.

But beyond the look there are also medical benefits too.  Most homes naturally have some harmful chemicals called VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and they can exist there without you realising it.  A floor plant can be a natural air purifier, they can absorb these VOCs and replace it with oxygen for you and your family to breath.  And beyond purification they double as air filters too by simply replacing the dioxide your breathing with fresh oxygen.  Plants are essential as part of human life, don’t let your flooring choice dissuade you from bringing some more into your home.

Protecting your carpet

Most homes like to keep their floor plants in the living room, and most living rooms are carpeted.  This can lead to problems when it comes to having plants with soil filled pots there, carpets are the most vulnerable when it comes to dirt and stains.  So, what are some ways to protect your carpet from these accidents?

One way is something called a Impermeable saucer, this is a small plate style piece with raised edges that you can place your pot into and it will allow the pot to drain water slow enough that it can usually evaporate the water all with very little intervention on your part.  You can even decorate them to better suit your rooms look.  If you don’t currently have one of these, you can use a normal kitchen saucer or a cork matt just to keep the bottom of the pot from the carpet but its recommended you invest in an Impermeable saucer.

Actions you can take for your plant

There are several other actions you can take to have a floor plant in the room but also keep your flooring clean.  If your make sure to place it away from any doors or opening windows you can prevent it being knocked over, a side table can be very useful for this.  Keeping them out of reach from any small children or pets is a good solution too.  If you do spill a plant onto your flooring, don’t panic, most you can simply clean it up but for carpets you need to make sure it doesn’t get stepped on and mashed into the carpet fibres, once dry you can simply brush or hoover the dirt up.

If having soil in the house is still a concern, then perhaps consider one that can grow without it.  There are air and water plants that only need that to grow, no soil required.  Otherwise the benefits of owning a floor plant greatly out way the risks if you take the few steps to protect it and your floor.