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The way we decorate our homes has trends just like the fashion world It changes over time. The flooring you choose can have a huge impact on the style of your room, lifting a tired looking decor and injecting new life. Although carpet may feel comfortable underfoot there’s a definite move away from this as a floor covering, and a rising trend for stone or wooden flooring.

Here’s a look at some of the key trends for flooring for the Winter of 2019 and beyond.

Funky Patterned Vinyl

Adding fun patterns and bright colours is not only the preserve of carpet, modern patterned sheet and square vinyl is now coming in great colours and patterns ready to wow in any home.

Darker is Better

If you’re keen to create space within your home, you may have always steered clear of dark coloured flooring for fear it would make your room appear cramped and small. However, used in the right way, dark flooring can actually help to make your room look bigger and its bang on trend too.

Dark hardwood flooring has rocketed in demand and can look good in both contemporary and period properties. It’s available in timber, engineered wood as well as laminate so you can choose the option which fits both your budget and your aesthetic requirements. If you have a more modern decor, you can opt for a jet-black floor covering which looks best when teamed with light, bright walls and furniture. This contrast between a dark floor and light walls and furnishings can open a room up and make it appear larger. One word of warning though: avoid high gloss dark flooring if you have children or pets. It’s extremely high maintenance and damage will show up far more easily.

For more rustic homes or period properties, variants of dark brown suit the decor much better. Narrow planks with lots of grain detail are more typical of a period design while farmhouse style depends on a more stripped back, matt look.

Section the Space using Flooring

One of the growing trends in flooring design is for multiple colours or patterns to be used rather than a single block of colour. Just as you might use furniture to section off various different parts of a room, flooring can also be used in the same way.

Using a combination of flooring colours is a great way to split a large area into different spaces if you don’t want to put a physical barrier in the way. In a dining room for example, the flooring around the table could be set in a different colour, making it a real centre piece. Alternatively, you could opt for a border around the room or geometric shapes on the floor. This type of two-tone flooring works best in properties which have an open plan design and a large space which offers a variety of differing functions.

Parquet and other Wood Flooring

A type of wooden flooring that became very popular in Victorian times; this intricate design is making a real comeback. Parquet flooring is made up of lots of small wooden blocks which have been laid out in a certain pattern rather than just being fitted in long planks which lay alongside each other. One of the big benefits of parquet flooring is that you don’t have to stick to mass designs or patterns. It’s possible to choose a bespoke design and have flooring which is totally unique to you.

It takes an expert to lay parquet flooring well because of the complexities inherent within the design, particularly if you’ve opted for a bespoke pattern. You’ll therefore need a professional to fit the flooring to get the best results which you can be sure will last well.