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Bathroom flooring can really set the style of one of the most used rooms in your home. Flooring can do many things in a bathroom, can make it look bigger, smaller, and can really ad a sense of style or luxury depending on which flooring you choose. Bathrooms flooring can also help to create light and the sense of space if the right option is chosen.

Traditionally, for Bathrooms, you might think Lino, Vinyl or tiles are the only choices but modern materials provide a much greater array of flooring ideas. Below we have focused on how to have a wood floor in your bathroom and how to have a natural stone floor in your bathroom.

A Wood Finish for your Bathroom

Wooden floors are normally a complete no-go in the bathroom because the moisture in the air warps the wood however modern finishes and a careful choice of wood makes having a wooden floor now an option for your Newcastle bathroom. If you want to have a real wooden floor in your bathroom then you need to pick a wood that can withstand the water and moisture found in bathrooms. Hard woods like teak can handle the damp atmosphere without swelling or discolouring. Bamboo is another type of “wooden” flooring which should cope with being laid in the bathroom without concern.

Real hardwood flooring is by its very nature a quality and luxury flooring option and it does come with a matching price tag. If you are looking for a wood flooring finish without the real wood price tag then wooden laminate flooring made specifically for the bathroom could provide a perfect substitute. Engineered to withstand the water and moisture in a bathroom and in a huge variety of finishes, laminate flooring is fast becoming the bathroom flooring of choice. If you are looking at laminate flooring then don’t forget to take a look a vinyl (often called Lino) flooring that has a wood pattern. Vinyl flooring has come a long way since the 70’s and the patterns and finished are quite lovely and the price tag is very attractive. Adamms Carpets in Newcastle sells an incredible array of cheap vinyl flooring perfect for bathrooms.

Natural Stone Bathroom Flooring

Marble bathrooms may be very well known as a luxury item but there’s a whole range of natural stones that would look great used as either the flooring or walls in any bathroom. It is the natural patterns of stone that make it so appealing and as it is naturally waterproof so perfect for a bathroom but like real wood flooring it is the most expensive option although well worth it if you have the budget or have a very small area to cover.

Bathroom Vinyl Flooring

If you want the look of natural stone at a cheap price then modern vinyl is defiantly the best option. There are hundreds of vinyl flooring patterns that reflect natural stone and we are happy to give advice on what would look great in your Bathroom and have many options including free measuring and can also deliver and fit your new bathrooms vinyl floor.

Bathrooms are a very functional room but there’s no reason they can’t look beautiful too. The above flooring ideas would help to create a space which is attractive yet convenient to look after too. Whatever your flooring needs we can help. Visit us at our extensive flooring warehouse in North Shields, Just outside of Newcastle for the best quality flooring at the cheapest prices.