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Choosing the right flooring for any room is as big a decision as the colour of the walls or the furniture you add to it.  Sometimes it is even more important because the flooring can make or break a room.  One of the most popular options is hardwood flooring but what is it that makes it so popular?  And how do you go about starting with it?

The floor and the room

Before you settle on hardwood flooring as the perfect option for a room, it is worth taking a moment to consider what it brings and if that works for the space.  Flooring can play a big part in how the room feels, the comfort level and the ease of use.  It is the base and often the thing that stays in place the longest.

With hardwood flooring one of the things to realise is that there are natural variation and pattern to every board – it is made from natural wood and this has all kinds of variations in it.  If you want something that is uniform in colour and pattern, then this style of flooring might not be for you.

The other thing to consider is the use of the room.  Even higher traffic areas can have hardwood floors, but it may influence which wood you choose or what finish you select.  For rooms with high moisture levels such as kitchens or bathrooms, it may not be the best option while for bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms, it is perfect.

Subfloor and underfloor heating

The subfloor is something that can play a part in deciding what flooring to go with.  Most hardwood floors will work with most subfloors but there are a couple of things to watch for.  If you have joists, they need to be at least 18mm thick to work with hardwood flooring.  But a flooring expert will be able to keep you right about this.

If there’s underfloor heating, then you will need engineered wood rather than hardwood.  This has multiple layers in one board and can handle being above a source of heat without warping.

Colour and finish

Hardwoods come in all different colours from the very lightest wood through to something almost black.  Plus, there are finishes that make them a specific colour with grey being a popular one.  Choosing a colour or style of wood that works for the room and fits with the colour scheme is the next choice.

The other consideration is the finish.  There are a few different finishes commonly available for hardwood floors:

  • Lacquered – matt or semi-matt, this creates a smooth surface
  • Oiled – adds a slightly rough feel to the surface that is more natural
  • Brushed and oiled – more texture again, similar to what wood feels like before cutting
  • Hand-scraped – rustic look that has extra definition
  • Unfinished – raw wood that needs protection, so it isn’t impacted by stains, water and dirt

The perfect flooring

Hardwood flooring is the perfect option for many different rooms.  There are plenty of different styles and colours, finishes and layouts you can use with it to create the look and feel you want.  And it is durable and easy to maintain once in place.

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